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Learn How Do I Add Courses/Certificates to My Linkedin Profile
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Your skills are nothing if you are not utilizing them in the right way. For utilizing it you need to showcase ideas to the people. The only way is to add courses to your LinkedIn profile. Expect to find a job, you need to be extra to show yourself. In previous years, people use to send CVs by hand to companies/agencies to show their interest in them. If you want to grow your Linkedin network then believe me nothing is better than Linkedin. So, do not wait & upload your CV to LinkedIn and also show your other interest & courses.

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How to Add Course On LinkedIn 2022-2023

The following steps will be helpful to add courses

  1. Log In To Your Profile.
  2. Click On Profile Icon or Me.
  3. Your profile appeared, click on Add Profile Section.
  4. A pop-up menu will have appeared, Menu after Core, Click On Recommended.
  5. Here You Can add Courses that you have accomplished.
  6. Write the Course Name or Title.
  7. Write the Code of the Course.
  8. In which Skills or Category Do You want to add?
  9. For more, the following video will be helpful.
How to add coursed on LinkedIn

You can add as many courses as completed or achieved. For example, if you want to start a career in blogging then a lot of courses are there for SEO. Digital Marketing & Data Scientist are top trendings demanding fields in the market. Udemy is an online learning website that has a lot of courses. If you want to become a successful freelance illustrator, and want to learn video editing jobs then a lot of websites on the internet named as LinkedinLearning & Skill Share.

Benefits of Add Courses To LinkedIn

  • It will be helpful to add you’re positive aspects to finding a job using LinkedIn.
  • It is a part of LinkedIn profile optimization.
  • Actively Recruiting Option On LinkedIn is a feature that will see your courses & chances to get a job will become high.
  • You did not need to send a connection request to the people, it will be reversed which means people around the world will be impressed because of your professional profile.
  • Your Resume tells about your work experience & currently working state but not your skill set.
  • Added Courses tell the recruiter about the brand choice that you most liked. A lot of people are impressed by the branding you have chosen plus adds an effect to your personality.

How to add license certificates to My LinkedIn Profile

The following will be helpful to add the certificate to Linkedin that help you to find job:

  • Log In to Your profile.
  • Click on Me or your profile photo.
  • Click on Add Profile Section.
  • A Pop Menu is shown, is the following image appearing?
add certification to my LinkedIn profile
Tips to add a certificate on LinkedIn
  • There are three options Core, Recommended, and Additiional.
  • Click on the Recommended, following image shown or not?
add licenses & certificate
  • Next, click on Add licenses & certificate, and you will be able to add, now see the video that will very add the idea to add a certificate on your LinkedIn profile.
How to add a certificate on LinkedIn
  • Add the name of your Certificate of yours.
  • Add Issue Organization Name, For example, Coursera.
  • Mention, would it be expired or not?
  • Add Issue date & & expiration date if any.
  • Add Credential ID & Url.
  • The final step is to click save to add the certificate to LinkedIn.

Note: Add all the requirements, otherwise the certificate will not be saved for attracting auan dience.

The Bottom Line

If you are a beginner then you must have an idea of how 2nd-degree connections are important for you to grow your network on LinkedIn. On the other hand, if you can pay for Linkedin Premium cost then buy it. Adding certificates & courses is beneficial for your career. There are a variety of jobs on Linkedin, but only one is being consistent & active on linkedin

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