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Want To Become A Competitive Programmer Expert

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In this article, you will learn “how to think”? You will be thinking what are you talking about? Do you like to play some puzzle games or be a professional web developer? if you have the ability to win a puzzle game take it as a hobby. Then becoming a programmer is not a big game.

The founders of Apple say that everyone in the world should spend time learning to program. The reason is very simple it teaches you how to think. The art of thinking is the result of spending time with the development of a chunk of code. This working force to become a competitive programming expert.

What is Competitive Programming

Competition of programmers where different programmers write code according to their thinking for a given specific statement. The statement is a problem or set of distinct problems that can be the type of logic or mathematical and then making a code is your choice. What input should be given and what output will appear on the screen is art for the understanding of each coder to get it.

Problems get multiple codes on what to do with them. However, code that has low time complexity over time and space wins.

How to Become an Expert in Competitive Programming

Practice Daily

Learning about the syntax of some of your favorite languages will not be a complete expert but not expert. There are multiple online websites having a massive amount of code chunks that help you out to be a monster in solving problems. Run different codes regularly to learn behind the happenings of logic. The more you learn to code specific problems to more you become the best competitor.

Think Harder

Focus on the desired output/solution rather than looking into a different possible piece of code, however, it is not easy. If you are tired or fed up with it then take some rest (half an hour) then come back full of your power. Brainstorming, and backtracking is techniques to see inside and think for a particular set of inputs for output.

Study Books

Books are your friend, make habit of reading articles and blogs to learn and train your brain for specific problems. Make it your routine to read a book for a fixed time and amount, do not avoid quality over quantity. Improve your skills in programming by seeing and making notes underline in that book, it will help you to be a programmer with the competition.

Share it, it may help others.