10+ Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers Forever

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Are you a blogger and want some smart tricks, tips, and tactics for your blog then let us dive into it?

These extensions will be very helpful for you.

Are you a beginner and want to earn money then how blogging makes money will be very helpful

As a blogger when you have written the informative content for your blog then you have no time to check the ratio of SEO so to save time I am here and explaining the top best google chrome extensions for your web blog.

 This is my personal experience with blogging, and SEO, so if you want to completely understand the blogging best chrome extensions then read the whole article with keen interest. I am promising you will not be disappointed after reading the article.

1. SEO Quake

  1. High rated in the google chrome store  – this extension will make its own panel(top bar) after the search bar where you can see
  • No of visit
  • No. of backlinks
  • Ranking
  • And other basic information

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2. Panda

It will be useful if you are searching for articles/content related to content, marketing, designing, business, development, and news tech. Reddit and many more. It will open a new tab where you can use and customize the appearance and preferences based on your need. One thing that I liked the most you can add some other your favorite websites and get updates about the latest news related to a specific niche.

3. Scan WP

WordPress is the most famous and used CMS (content management system) where almost 70 % of the world design and develop websites for their digital appearance in the market. If you are curious to know about your competitor’s website, then this scan WP will help you to know about some important about the website. It will be helpful to know about theme names, plugins, paid plugins, and many others about WordPress. If your competitor’s website is not WordPress, then this is not working at all.

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4. Clear Cache

Whenever you make changes in your blog then online google algorithms save the cache about the whole work which is not good. Many people manually go to the plugins and clear the cache, but this extension will clear all the cache in a single click. You can go to the option and clear your desired cache.

5.CSS viewer

CSS stands for cascade style sheet; many developers need UI/UX to make changes to their websites/blogs. If you like some style of someone on your competitor’s website then you must use this extension where you can get all about CSS properties of anything on the page like font, color, background image, and other properties. You can use this and copy any design of the website.

6. Web Developer

Basically, this extension is used by many developers to see ideas like code, design, cookies, tools, and other information.

7. Vid IQ for YouTube

It is for YouTubers, but it is also helpful and necessary for bloggers because you can see the ranking of the keyword. The keyword is ranked on the like dislike formula on YouTube. You will see the video, which is most liked, therefore Vid IQ is useful for you to check the video which is most ranked out of all.

8. Google Input tools

You can set your most fluent language using this and you no need to worry about typing in your own language. For example, if you have selected the Urdu language and you can write English through your keyboard. You can select multiple languages at the same time and of course, it is useful for blogging.

9. URL render

By using this extension you did not need to open the website just hover on any link in the SERP result and you will be able to see the website review on the right-hand side. It is helpful for fast research because you can save your time rather to open the website you can see the preview by only hovering.

10. Tell me more

While writing an article or reading some other content if you are unable to understand the meaning of any word then this extension is going to be helpful for you as it will lead you to Wikipedia to see and understand the meaning of that word or phrase.

11. Forest

Social media is wasting your time, and losing focus on your work but the forest will save you from all these situations. You can set a time not to go or visit any social media for some specific time. It is helpful for productivity and consistency in your work.

12. Read aloud

It allows speaking the content if you are tired of reading some useful blog or content. The benefit of this extension is multitasking. You can set and polish your content like finding the best images for your specific issue etc.

13. Session box

During the research, you can save relevant content by using this extension. For Example, if you are searching for the best charger for a Samsung phone then you can make a list of all your research websites.

14. Page Analytics (By Google)

This will be helpful for blogging because It will give you an analysis of the website. The analysis will be based on the google matrices and conversion rate e.g. bounces rate. The benefit of this is that you did not need to do three steps to visit and see the analysis of the website. Only with Single Click, you can review the analysis of any webpage.

15. Stay Focused

It is just like a forest, If you are not liking then you can use it but the difference is that you can set a time to stay focused on your targeted task. Expect social media in the forest you can also block some other website which is a distraction and decrease focus like NETFLIX.


It will be useful if you want multiple comments. This is not much useful but you can use it for your blogging purpose.

17. Grammarly

The most popular extension is used to correct the grammar of your English written. No need to define it in the detail because is very common and everyone has used it in their blogs.

18. WMS everywhere

This is going to be a fruitful extension for you in the future for keyword research in SEO. You can use it for search volume, keyword difficulty, and many other SEO factors.

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