Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
What Are the Benefits of Blogging On LinkedIn
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In the World, LinkedIn is a social media platform that helps you to grow your network and apply for jobs. Everyone has become close to each other just do not consider it less than a blessing. Are You Blogger? Perhaps you would have been blogging in past years. So you also have heard about blogging on LinkedIn. According to my experience, starting to post articles on LinkedIn would be a central reason to grow your network connection. There are benefits of getting in touch with people who have portfolios like yours.

There are uncounted benefits of LinkedIn, what can you not do with blogging on LinkedIn that helps to attract an audience to your website? Yes, the audience is the key point of every campaign ad and without paying any single penny you will be able to attract your audience for B2b marketing and lead generation.

Today, in this article we will go through a general discussion of why LinkedIn is important for blogging. What are the drawbacks of LinkedIn Blogging over other CMS? Later we will also discuss how can you engage your audience with blog post consistency.

Reason To Start Blogging On LinkedIn Platform

Some people are experts just like LinkedIn because they understand and learned how and why LinkedIn is important for business. Do you know how can you grow your network on LinkedIn?

Almost 94% of B2b businesses choose LinkedIn out of a thousand lead generation platforms. Moreover, LinkedIn is a professional platform and people are joining this social media website without any hesitation for job hunting and getting more & more connection with professionals and companies.

LinkedIn Campaign Ads are more expensive than Facebook & Instagram and what is the need of worried about when the same goal can achieve through content marketing, yes I am talking about blogging on LinkedIn.

One Most Important reason is that you can target the right audience for promoting business with simple writing content. You have to only make a strong and developed strategy for getting more readers to your blog. For example, you can target the audience of digital marketing only by writing on subtopics like SEO, social media marketing, lead generation for b2b, content marketing, and paid advertisement. Campaigns sometimes can be easy and most reliable for marketing business, depending upon the situation.

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