3 Top Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners

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In recent few years, blogging has become a top-listed for earning money through the internet but there are new beginners who are not able to get success in blogging as they made mistakes. I have made a survey about those failures that every blogger makes in his initial steps. Writing handy content and publishing on google is not a complete blog.  if you want to be a successful blogger then follow three points which are squeezed by my experience:

1. Niche Research

 As a beginner, there are a lot of niches that you can select and start writing but writing in a heavy and competitive niche is not fruitful for your blog. As there are many competitors who are working for many years, therefore you must pass through a niche research process to get some low competitive niche. For example, you can write on the topic of any new actress in Bollywood.

 2. Consistency

       Google is the most used search engine in the world, to become a successful blogger you need to focus on the algorithms.  Those algorithms are working on all the websites for indexing and ranking purpose. So, if you want to become a blogger (from scratch), you need to be consistent, let instance, if you are writing one blog for your blog then write a blog daily.

3. Engage your audience

 Audiences are those people who are reading your blog post. Try to write content that is super to your reader. You must use the following tips to engage your audience.

  • Use bullets
  • Short sentences
  • Short paragraph
  • Less write but effective

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