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You have seen or listened about Facebook friend request connections being equal to requests on Linkedin. When you receive a request you will either accept or reject it without any hesitation. People who know you or people who are your friend will be your connected people. You want to cancel your connection request from LinkedIn because you are no more interested in those people. However, to get a job from the LinkedIn marketplace you need to grow your network. How to grow your network on LinkedIn, you might have thought about it, but hold on I will help you all in this article.

Why You Should Withdraw Connection Request From Linkedin

You will have to remove or cancel the pending request because Linkedin Team will restrict your account which is not good for you. If you do not withdraw those pending requests then it will become difficult for you to grow on LinkedIn.

Do not think LinkedIn is a small marketplace, you can set job alerts here. To optimize your linkedin profile you also can add courses or certifications to attract more recruiters. Do you know what “Actively Recruiting” means on Linkedin? Your interest tells your direction, so do not forget to add your interest to improve your connections.

Steps To Cancel Connection Request Linkedin

Follow these steps

  1. Open Linkedin.com
  2. Go to My Network which is the side of Home.
  3. On the Left side, click on Connections. On the same page click on See all. The following will have appeared:
Connection Request Page
  1. Now you can see two options Received & Sent. Currently, You are on the received Page.
  2. Click On the Sent Page.
  3. Here we go, you have got the page to cancel the connection request from LinkedIn.
  4. If you did not get then the following video will be helpful for you:

Why Can’t I Connect with Someone on Linkedin

There may be multiple reasons why you can’t connect with someone but it is very bad for your professional career. You need to solve the issue quickly to get a connection on LinkedIn. There are three types of connections: 1) 1st degree 2) 2nd degree 3) 3rd degree. If you really want to know about connections then read this: LinkedIn Connection In Detail. There are the following reasons that you can’t connect with someone:

  1. Your Email Address May Not Be Verified.
  2. Another Person Has Full Limit Of Connection.
  3. You have already sent a connection request.
  4. Maybe you are already connected to that profile.
  5. If you can see the Follow Button, then it is also a connection. The reason may be he has set a privacy friend connection limit.

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