How to Change Light Mode on a Fantech Keyboard

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Hey, Did you ever see the Light Mood Keyboard that gives the amazing feel of lightning? It can also be a chance that you may have seen someone use the Fantech keyboard. Did you like it or bought it for your gaming purpose or else? Are you looking to change the color mode on the Fantech keyboard? If yes, you did not need to go anywhere, in this article I would explain in detail how to change the light mode. On the other side, you also would like to turn off / on the color. Yes, it explained in detail. Keep on reading the entire article.

Working Of Fn Key

Alone, it is nothing but working with combination it is very helpful. Abbriviation of Fn is Function key. It is located at the last line. There are four types, numeric key, number key, speical character key & others. A function key helps to save the time & space for many programmers. Gamers use this key for entetaining the features. In short words, you can use it at anywhere you want you purpose. In Fantch keyboard you would be able to use for changing the light mood. Expect this, there are two ways to chnage it but i would love to explain both in descripted form.

How to change the light mood?

In order to change the color, you need to know the working of the function key.. Almost every person who is a technologist or developer has an idea about its importance. There are the following types of light modes in Fantech Keyboard:

  • Normal Light (Press F1 Key)
  • Blink Light Slowly (Press F2 Key)
  • Blinking Light Fast (Press F3 Key)
  • Solid Green Light (Press F4 Key)
  • Solid Red Light (Press F5 Key)

Note: If these keys are not working, then press the Fn key with them to see the magic.

You can change color in two different ways :

  1. BY pressing ligth Button : At the top right hand, you will be able to see the light button. When you press the button, there are theree option : Off / High/ Low. You can press button for turning off. Other two for increasing or decreasing brightness respectively.
  2. Press Window Button & type the name of keboard. You will see go straight to sub-menu section. Here you can see the settings. just click on the change the light option. Here you can again see the on/off/high mood of light.

How do Turn Off or On Lights on Fantech Keyboard?

So, it is very easy. You just press the Fn key with the end key to turn off the light.

Is fantech keyboard a good brand?

Yes it is a mechnical keyboard that best fit for those people who are gamer, copywrriter and other data entry specialist. Additional properties are RGB colors that emit amaizng sense like rainbow, with different rainbow. Most of the use of such type of keybaords is gaming else you can see other keyboards in the market as well.

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