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How Much Does a Linkedin Premium Account Cost (Four Plans)
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Are You Looking for LinkedIn Premium Cost? Are you new or already signed up? Linkedin has a lot of functionalities that are very useful for you if your LinkedIn profile is optimized. If you have an account then you need to know how to upload a cv on linkedin? The Linkedin for business of every company is based upon hiring professionals for their work & yes it is only possible on LinkedIn. There are lines of alternatives. If you have not created then it’s time to do it. Just create an account on linkedin. Making connections to the people of your interest will be very useful for you to get into the right agency.

Are You still not getting job of your interest?

How Do I Remove Interests on Linkedin

You need to get a subscription to a premium account but it costs.

How Much It Cost for Linkedin Premium

Linkedin Team Offers Four Types of Linkedin Premium accounts. You must subscribe to those which are most beneficial for you. The Cost of a Premium Linkedin account is as follows:

Sr#Type Coast Per MonthCost Per Year
1Career$39.99 per month$239.88 per year
2Business $59.99 per month$575.88 per year
3Sale$79.99 per month $779.88 per year
4Hiring$119.95 per month$1199.40 per year
Linkedin Premium Cost Price List

#1. Career Plan

This membership plan lets you know inside your own profile. It will be very good if you are looking for a job & you need to upload resume to LinkedIn. Its type can be part-time, full time or remote work from home.

How Much Does Linkedin Premium Career Cost?

Answer: $39.99 per month. $239.88 per year.

  • It helps to see who has visited your profile. Will be able to customize your profile that looks professional.
  • Message Recruitment Process Analysis. It would be a friendly environment. You can learn about communication skills.
  • Comparison with those applicants who have applied for the same job as you did it. In this way, you can improve your profile after comparing it with others.
  • You can get access to all the interview questions related to your job.
  • Educational materials for accessing the right ideas
  • You can go in-depth with the salary of employees. It will be helpful for knowing your skills idea for salary.

#2. Business Plan

A single profile is enough to opt career plan. Business can be singular or multiple, it depends upon the needs. Do you want to excel in your visibility to target your audience? This will be good as explained below:

How Much Does Business Premium Linkedin Cost?

Answer: $59.99 per month. $575.88 per year.

  • A company can get almost 15 In-email messages per month. In-email is the feature of a premium account that allows you to chat with those who are not in your connection. It is best for your business growth.
  • Trending business, ups & downs of your current business can easily be checked. You can promote your business by analyzing the competitors.
  • This plan provides you the opportunity of viewing the profiles, the benefit is you can visit the unlimited profile. You can browse more talented or experienced employers for your company.
  • You can see those people’s profiles who have reviewed your account. In this way, more insights will let you get employed.

#3. Sales Plan

It is a special plan for those who have an e-commerce / Shopify store. You can sell your skills or product with this plan. Are you ready to get a sale premium plan for getting amazing revenue? The followings are the benefits

How Much Does Sale Premium Linkedin Cost?

Answer: $79.99 per month. $779.88 per year

  • Almost 20 in-mails for b2b business plan.
  • You can see you have seen your profile.
  • Check Lead Generation. (Lead generation is the process of analyzing the sales history)
  • Check sale insights.

Note: it is similar to the business plan, addition is a feature to sale generation.

#4. Hiring Plan

It is clear from the name ‘hiring’. If are you looking for hiring a large number of workers/employers, it will be beneficial for you. See the list for more:

How Much Does Hiring Premium Linkedin Cost?

Answer: $119.95 per month. $1199.40 per year

  • Unlimited Profile View. You can see people compare who is perfect for the job.
  • Unlimited Opportunity to see who has reviewed your profile.
  • 30 in-mail messages.
  • It gives you advanced search options & suggestions for hiring talented people.
  • It gives you the feature of a bird’s eye view which is an amazing tool to go deep inside to check someone’s capabilities.
  • You get automatic benefits for candidate tracking.

Get One Month Free to see how it is working.

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