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Best Learning Deep Learning Lecture 1 in 2021
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My name is Bilal, and I will teach you a neural network course in which we shall move from simple to advance topics. We shall also read and discuss the algorithms of the neural networks and you may be happy that you can make your own algorithm by understanding the algorithms taught in the course.

If you really want to make a reasonable success, then improve yourself on daily basis. It is your life and you will live your own life.

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Machine learning is a powerful technique that led computers to learn from the data rather human coded programs. In old days, the computers do perform based on the coded program and what is the exact meaning of the coded program is work according to the feed instructions but now the overall criteria have been changed. Machine learning is playing with the data which means there is no more place for the conventional aspects of the software because data is increasing day by day and the machine is learning and interpreting the data and performing with data the results are different based on the data.

For example, robots are controlled by Artificial intelligence (AI) working and managing the human-like activities in some big economical country like china where if you give instruction to the robot to see left then it will see to the left and if you give instruction to see right it will see right. With the passage of time data is increasing and data will increase, how to play with that data is all about machine learning.

A lot of instructions are being played by the robot based on the given data. One thing to note down that its robot will learn with the passage of time from the data.

In this course, we shall learn and read about the neural network, an algorithm of machine learning which is much famous because the neuron is inspired by the brain. A brain works like a human action and the computer tends also to work as a brain, it needs to understand all the algorithms of the neural networks.

Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural networks belong to the same nation which means that if you are talking about machine learning then it means you are talking about artificial intelligence in turns neural networks. AI is a broader world containing ML and NN and you must have sound knowledge about both if you want to work in the fields of AI. The idea of AI was introduced by John McCarthy in 1956 who gave the idea of working of a computer (Robot) like a human. So we can say that artificial intelligence is a technique that enables a computer to mimic human behavior.

Artificial Intelligence impact on human life.

One thing to remember in mind that there is natural intelligence which means human and we are not interpreting or learning about human intelligence.

Different definitions of AI by different data scientist

“In 1959, Arthur Samuel defined machine learning as a “Field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed”.”

Learning denotes changes in a system that … enable a system to do the same task more efficiently the next time.” Herbert Simon

Learning is constructing or modifying representations of what is being experienced.” –Ryszard Michalski 

“Learning is making useful changes in our minds.” –Marvin Minsky

We can conclude from all the above definitions that do mistakes many times, learn from it, improve them with the passage of time so that specific mistakes may not happen the next time.

Learning to the computer through algorithms is just like learning to the baby on daily basis. For example, make a list of some fruits (Apple, Orange, Cherry) and tell the name of these fruits to the baby on daily routine work. Continue this process until unless baby will automatically learn about the name of the fruit. If you continue this process for expecting the fruits e.g., how to walk or how to eat then the baby will also be learned it so how can machine learn from the data? Yes, here is the concept of algorithm come into mind.

Algorithms are trained procedures of the neural network instructions upon the machines (Robots) are trained. There are a lot of neural networks that we shall study in this course and you must say yes in the comments if you really want to learn about neural networks.

In old days, the data was not stored on the hardware machines, and the data was not gathered at the same time because of the less storage space but with the passage of time and advancement in the storage devices the data had been stored with the reasonable fact. The data was present in the form of the raw form and the data is first extracted and then feed to the modal these models are trained and useful, novel results are generated which are interpreted for the next time.

The modal is trained through the sound knowledge of computer science and artificial intelligence while on the other hand neuroscience is a subdomain in which we deal with the neurons and mimic computers to behave like a human.

According to one research human brains contains 1010  neurons who send message to each other to act something in the actual life of a human. For example, when you feel pain in any part of the body then the messages are sent to the brain through these neurons. Neuroscience itself a big field and the data is trained through this modal using neuroscience

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