Dark Side of Artificial Intelligence You Must Know

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As human takes oxygen to live, machine learning has also room for its position in our life. For example, we check email in offices to send emails, use social media, and do online shopping.

Do you want to become a good machine learning engineer? In older computer systems, you give data and get output for input. Did you ever think, take an unexpected or desired output from a computer, possible with machine learning?

Once you code a program, ML engineers implement some model for processing and prediction appeared.

Smartphones, applications, and social media are the main things that have made space in our pockets of each of us. These gates are the entrance to machine learning that made out life easier. There are a lot of advantages but dark sides are also part of it.

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What Are the Disadvantages of Machine Learning

Consume Time

Machine learning requires a lot of time for processing training and testing datasets. On the other side, dataset cleaning, and preprocessing take much more time. We cannot say it is a waste of time, data preparation is more important than choosing any machine learning model or algorithm. Depending upon the RAM, the model takes more time for training the features.

Less Amount Of Datasets

Machine learning trained on large benchmark datasets with rich features, what if it did not get that? Sometimes, ML engineers try and implement different techniques when data is very less. Data Acquisition is a technique for increasing the number of datasets using different techniques. By spinning, change the dimensions, rotate the images, and transform into some other that contain features.

Imbalanced Data

Data is like fresh air for machine learning. Supervised learning plays its role for only balanced data. Tagged with the proper names of different columns are the main fundamentals that work best for training. Unsupervised learning is a solution for it where different tools are available for doing with the imbalanced datasets.

Wastage Of Time

Social media is a very useful tool if used wisely. There are many advantages of it when you find out some new updates, latest or breaking news and make connections with professional people. Unfortunately, there are lists of bad attitudes when do not use them wisely. New-age people are addict to social media waste their time and are unable to see the positive sides.


No doubt, technology is making our lives easier, we complete our 1-day journey in only one hour with entertainment. It all depends on you how you utilize it either positively or negatively. if you are a student then find out some of your motivation, tight with it. Dark sides are also there, stay away from them.

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