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How Has Technology Changed Education – Benefits for students
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In the 21st century, the aspects of life are changing due to advanced change in Technology, and education is also a victim in a positive sense. In some opinions, education is looking the same as it had been for many previous years. You can see Laurentius de Voltolina that a professor is delivering a lecture along with a podium while students are sitting in the rows and listen to the professor. If you see the image with keen interest, then it is easy to see that some students are opening and pointing out some important lines or paragraphs.

While some students out of them are boring and talking to other friends to maintain the mood according to their nature, as nature can never be changed at all. Some students are sleeping which seems they are not interested in the professor speaking.

If I compare this picture (14th century) with the current 21st century then anyone can observe how technology has turned the new generation into a new era.

Toady students sitting in classrooms are using tablets, phones, laptops, and smart devices (watches, headphones, etc.) using social media apps. Therefore, we can say that technology has not changed education rather change the style of education in useless which is very dangerous.

In current times, technology has made easy access to all the education like medical, engineering, veterinary science, and commerce, so we can say that technology has expanded education. Anyone can take lectures to all those lectures and make research on specific topics through the internet, and once again award goes to technology.

In ancient, everyone had to travel to a long for getting access to books, research, and notes because these types of helping materials were very rare and people make it safe. There are many platforms on the internet that provide lecture notes, recording, books, audio, videos that can get with a single click and the opportunities have been increased as compared to the past. There are many successful websites like Coursera, Udemy, Khan Academy, and important YouTube that are serving free or paid lectures related to every field. Expect education there are many other daily life usages that are positively impacting on human life like Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Due to technology communication to another side (teacher or friend or relative or other) has also become easy and you can collaborate with anyone to solve your issues like bug error in android application development.

Let’s go back to the past in which the students have been limited to their classrooms and even they were unable o share the problems with their teachers, you must be thankful for technology for all those help in your projects or studies.

Traditional aspects changed due to technology which means anyone can learn anything at a single time, for example, a student sitting at Oxford University wants to learn about the French language, yes, he/she can learn through his laptop by learning the lectures of some best tutorial of language.

Expect these students of any department from any part of the World can learn about anything. One thing that is very important to note that anyone can earn money through the internet for example blogging. Students can make projects in the group using the technology. In short, students are not limited to the classroom as technology has broken all the hurdles and barriers and you are free, you can learn, earn, collaborate, and work with anywhere in the World.

Why Learn And Study Is Important In Life


Technology is a powerful thing that can change the education system that turns into a new shape where education will be easy to access anyone. There should not be more excuses about learning education for the students, which means students should instead of wasting time using Facebook, focus on their goals as they can also earn money using the internet.  You must boost your confidence early in the morning as our brain always talks about entertainment, please understand the power of the internet and use it for your future goals. If you want o to learn about habits development, then you must read this article.

 With the overall reach of the Internet and the omnipresence of keen gadgets that can interface with it, another period of whenever anyplace instruction is unfolding. It will be up to instructional planners and instructive advancements to capitalize on the chances given by innovation to change schooling so compelling and productive training is accessible to everybody all over the place.

Share it, it may help others.
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