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9 Tips: How Can I Improve Time Management
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Whether a student or a job holder or a businessman. All have to face the issue of managing time. An ideal life is a balanced life. When you try to fulfill all your deadlines, therefore, managing time is a challenging task in this current era.

When you wake up early in the morning. There are a lot of targeted tasks in your mind. Like completing assignments, and gym training. In the end, comes back home the cook but it all in vain due to not marking and planning any tasks.

Life is a combination of distinct situations in a way you suffer and pass either happily or not. As a human, you have a lot of feelings like anger, sadness, shock, and annoyance but understanding all the aspects is a true aspect.

Doing something or having the aim to do it in priority-based ideas, while you are stuck in a routine-wise project and forget to plan other important aspects. Sit down on a chair to plan your work will be essential for you & fruitful for your checklist.

Life is a combination of distinct situations in a way you suffer and pass either happily or not. As a human, you have a lot of feelings like anger, sadness, shock, and annoyance but understanding all the aspects is a true aspect.

You may get a lot of work stuff over the day but could not find any better response inside your work environment but after reading out this article you may realize that it is all abutting to manage the time of your personal life. After collecting research work from the community there are the following management tips to follow for your perfect work started for your whole day.

How Can I Improve Time Management

1. Figure Out Your Spending Time Over The Day

If you are trying to optimize your time to manage your personal life routine task then you should make a list of work where your more time is spent. Reverse Engineer, your daily activities to audit your work routine & make a checklist to make sure where are you spending most of your time.

The following bullets will be very helpful for you:

  • Analyze how much time you can spend in a day on your work & other activities. Other activities may be spending time with family, watching movies, or jogging.
  • Try to point out all the activities which are wasting your time & decrease your productivity.
  • Focus on activities that provide the greatest returns.
  • Find out all those activities/work that returns you fruitful results either in form of money or carrier.

Bestway is to make a list of bullets where you identify your work which is giving more productive ideas for your success. Make a list of all those activities that are positive & almost those that are negative in your life. Create a binary classification of both activities & mark the ones which are valuable for you and make a habit of it. Doing this practice will take you towards destination tricks where you can dig out more ideas that would be helpful for you to execute all aspects of your life. All this will be helpful for you to determine the activities for your more exercise to be more productive in your life.

2. Make Routine Schedule

Stick to one task is absolutely a difficult task, proper training will be learning how to manage your time to fulfill all your work. Never start your day without writing an organized worklist that is a to-do list. When you start your day & leave your house, try to attempt all tasks within the corresponding time. In this way, you would feel happy the next day and will do work more efficiently within a specific period of time. On the other hand, you will be easy to learn how to remain happy the next day to leave for office early in the morning as soon as possible.

Your brain works each second even you are sleeping, so writing your task on the paper will not allow you think and rethink because all is mentioned. Your subconsious autmoticlly initiate to-do list tasks in the next day which means you can sleep comfortably even you have written work list on your personal diary.

Sometime you forget to metnion your tomorrow work, in other words, wakeup early in the morning with proper listing that you need to complete within due time or date. You will find out working properly on the goals is better than jumping from one to another whole day. At the end of day, it will feel you calm because you have done it properly and full of your effort.

3. Give Work Priority Gently

Whenever you organzie your worklist/ checklist, remember, giving prioority wisely is a key towards your sucess for time management at work. Do not go for FIFO (FIRST IN FIRST OUT), either take a step through elimintaing tasks that are not very supreme and you should not perform in the first attempt. Highlight at least three to five tasks that are most important & do it complete before as earsly as possible, in this way, you will feel energatic and remaining tasks will be easy for you.

During your work, take a cup of tea and evaluate your tasks and keep it in mind that you have organized it on your first priority. Your important resposibiles will lead you to complete your achievements timely while urget work need immediate response to accomplihed i.e, use your brain and make decsion which is impotant and which are not. Important work takes high priority, try to do it early so that you may move your attentation towards your urgent project. We all focus on our duties but focusing with full of effort will support your business or goals to the destintion.

To avoid this pitfall, use one of the time management tips for work found in Stephen Covey’s book First Things First.

If you want not to distract and avoid yout loss of day then use a tip that was given in book of Stephen Covey:

First Things First”

Stephen Covey

4. Make A Group Of Similar Tasks

It is a better decision to make clusters of similar tasks together & perform your best to accomplish it within time, otherwise, the related task lets your attention in vain.

For example, one cluster can be emailed (send, receive, archive) or replying to queries over the internet, it can be social media websites or perosnal web store so. Make a time for it that you feel better for it. Unlike doing email stuff work during any other time is headue & you need to avoid it that means you are creating a stuff of mismanagement of work. Turn off Mobile data / Wifi or keep your phone on silent/vibrate to not divert your attentation to something else that is not your priority at all.

5. Avoid Mutlitaksing

It is very important but hard to follow that rule to manage time, it looks very simple but becomes easy when you go through it at least five times. Do try to focus on your work , do one thing, keep note of all your ideas that keep away your foucs and try to avoid them. At last you will be a massive to avoid & foucs on work. If you even not try your focus to your work & continue practice to perform many tasks at a time then the result will not be enough good. Eventully you will become bored & all the task not be completed & you will feel depressed.

Another aspect is never get exhausted to your work & never stick your mind on it. Keep on thinking at one task will not lead to complete it. In short words, take a break, take a deep breathe, rewind yourself and then work happily.

6. Try To Accomplish Task Within Given Time

Part of creating your schedule should involve setting time limits on tasks instead of just working until they’re done. To-do lists are great and wonderful, but sometimes you might feel like you never check anything off.

You had planned in the morning to-do list, a good idea, but working project until its completed is not management, it means time is more important. Give a time period to all the task & put all your professional efforts to complete them within time, its a preprocessing and training phase, one day you will be successful. Creating a list is ok but sometimes you need to accomplish task in required time.

7. Take Short Break

Do you want to enjoy your work? Are you stuck in doing your tasks or have you ever felt bored doing your work? There are many techniques to come back to your work — one best is to take a short break after some equal intervals of time.

One Formula is David your hour into three sections:

  1. 40 Minutes Work
  2. 20 Minutes Work To Rethink & analyze what have you learned, just note it down in your diary & think of the next steps of related work. Note: You can walk for faster results.
  3. 10 Minutes Rest. You must try some fresh air or go to create some funny moments.

After completing your task, if you go out for some rest then it will be very helpful for your health. Doing this is a healthy activity as you can enjoy your work in this way.

8. Be Professional

People who are very well organized and full of dedication are more powerful than those who have no guts or aim to dragon the goals. If you want to manage time then the most important is being a professional in your profession. For instance, a content writer must write full of his/her passion to get more audience to the website.

If you have thought of a boss to climb the stairs gradually to get to your destination then professionalism is the only technique you need to apply for success. Another important factor that avoid you from being to go to your work is wasting time on social media including you to bound its environment. So, last but not least avoid it & hit your target with time management.

9. Make A List Of Distractions & Practice To Avoid It

There are two types of people one is developing technology and the other is using technology; in the same way, people who are using technology or get used by technology. Now the question arises how can I know either used by technology or using technology? If you are using social media, browsing the web, and WhatsApp to get benefits, like feeding knowledge from it or solving issues from it then shake the hand you are in. You are using technology, in another case, you are wasting your time & investment, go and take some classes and learn how to become perfect in your work.

Do you think to become successful destroy all your distractions and get your wishes in a few moments or days? No, it did not do overnight. Start with baby steps, go only for two reasons that distract you from doing your work. Do not leave it doing after some time, keep it up for a long period of time then go to the other two distractions.

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