Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
Top Best Freelance Websites For Logo Designers In 2022-23
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Designers, you have done learning with Adobe Photoshop, Canva, and Adobe Illustrator. Now you want to sell your services to someone who is looking for them. This article is for you, keep tight, and let’s go into it. There are a lot of tips & tricks for freelancing, and what website is best for working from home. Ask yourself what is the biggest channel for you to start your career in freelance websites for logo design or graphics design. Let me know about it in the comment section. These all are gotten aside let’s jump into websites that fit graphics designers. Before jumping do you know how to make a good resume & upload on LinkedIn


The very first website I want to talk about is Behance. If you are a beginner or intermediate-level graphics designer then get inspiration & ideas about how people are working in the market. Creativity is the key to making better designs than others and yes creation from over all the world comes to Behance. Almost every type of work starting from photography to illustration is here for inspiration. Expect this there is also a job section. Understanding the design requirements is a fundamental step to starting a creative design, just click on the section job that you can complete easily.

As a graphics designer, you can find logo design jobs/projects. At the current time, it has 2000+ jobs. Only You need to find yours. Just Sign Up & one important step is to complete your profile.

2. Dribble.com

If you want to see all the graphic designers with their work & creativity then here it is. Dribble is the main hun because designers put their work here to compete for one another work. It is a place where you can publish your work for other inspiration. There are two ways either you would share work with your friends or share publicly, Publicly there is a higher chance some company/ agency hire you as a graphics designer. Opportunities to get a job as a logo designer as a freelancer are higher, it also depends upon your work.

Dribble also allows visiting the section for jobs where you can apply for jobs of different types. Just apply & cross your arms, wait and keep applying for other jobs as well. You can apply for the maximum jobs as you can, it is totally free of cost. One drawback to this website is you cannot send direct messages to those who have published jobs. if you really want to send messages then you have to buy the pro version. You can visit here for the pro version.

3. 99design.com

Most people may have listened to this website. You can find the practical design here. You can post your work as a GIG here. People who need graphic design services, either will choose you directly or not. If they do not choose you directly then they will create a contest. In a contest where different graphics designers had applied & one who is better will win the job, Related to 99Design, it is quite simple, you simply create your profile and get in with a username & password. One special thing about it, is they do not put any specific requirements. For example, a number of experience years, the previous working company, and tools in which you are an expert.

One of the best Freelancer logo designer webiste is 99design, I think it is the best. Reasons are a lot & you can compare it by other with this. They charge 50% for entry-level, 10% for intermediate level & 5% for Expert level. The registration process is very easy, just go & sign up.

4. Designhill.com

It is one of the better places to go and you can find any type of design here. If you are looking for the best graphics design freelance then it is exclusive. One best thing about it you can find a category of design here. It can be logo design, brand design, or any other design like web design or app design. They work worldwide, which means it does not matter where are you working & only need is to work professional & find apply for a job, any, like logo design. They accept all levels (beginner, intermediate, expert). Customers can find you by your portfolio. The other way can be to hire you directly for a job. They can also put a contest & you may win Job if they like your work.

5. Nodesk.co

Nordisk is a very broader marketplace. it is special for those who are dedicated to design and are looking for remote jobs. I really like this as it is very soft, easy to catch up & it is very user-friendly. A lot of different work here including logo design, t-shirt design, and many more. They are open to jobs worldwide and you can simply apply for jobs anytime anywhere in the world. One most particular thing I have seen is you can find full-time or part-time jobs here. You did not need to make a full profile for it. You can apply without any signup. Only you can find e-mail and send an email there. Try to provide all the information they required in an e-mail. More you apply for jobs put your all the write-up professional to get hired.

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