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TOP 6 Simple Happy Living Tips
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Albus Dumbledore  says – “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” 

If you are happy then it means you are living a healthy life yet there are multiple reasons that you should know about a healthy life. Many people showing their smile are conveying a message to other they are happy.

There are many definitions of Happiness, my definition of happiness is below:

The ability to take no more wishes which means finding more opportunities and satisfaction is less amount of time that you have in that right time.

In other words, your happiness hinges on living in the moment instead of yearning for some future indicator of success.

In the short term, your happiness is hidden in the time in which you are currently living, if you are enjoying your work then you are happy in that time.

There are two types of thinking which are divided into past and future which mean your brain is working continuously and either you will be thinking about the past (good or bad memories) or you think about the future. Work according to the current situation and giving his 100 % to that work to get success at that moment will give you a success

The nature of different people is different so happiness myth changes from person to person and it is impossible to design a formula that will fit everyone. It is said that there are some traditional aspects to be followed for a happy life.

If you are wanting happy living, then you need to keep practicing all the following points regularly:

1.Make a list of things/activities that keep you happy

Happiness is not a thing that can be purchased from a mart as it is all about practicing some activities that make will feel happy. Make a list of happiness and try to implement it in your life early in the morning, while on the other hand note down all the habits, activities that make you sad every night and try to remove all the bad habits from your life. Remember it is not a one-time process as you need to keep practice until unless you become a master in it.

2.Try to keep calm from inside

According to one research whatever you are thinking in your mind always goes from your eyes. When you see from your eyes, it goes inside your mind, and you keep thinking about that thing or happening. If you want to remain happy from the inside, then see and watch only those things or do activities that make you happy from the inside. Watching porn is one of the bad examples which feel very bad from the inside. For Example habit of watching porn is too serious, therefore you need to stop watching porn to stay happy from your inside.

3.Love with your personality

Hurdlers are the part of life when you are struggling for your destination, there is always on and off in life so do not punish yourself for some bad results of your progress. Do an analysis of your progress and try to improve all the mistakes and remove all the barriers that are not approaching you towards your success. You cannot remove all your mistakes at one time as it is time taking process, therefore if you want to improve your mistakes then you need to forgive yourself quickly so that you may get successes towards your life and destination, keep struggling.

4.Planning to do something

it is seen that many new teenagers and many gentlemen do not even make a plan and start their working which is totally useless and will lead you to the destruction. Wait! Take a cup of tea/ coffee and talk to yourself to panning your ideas toward your destination. If you are making a plan and implementing it in your daily life then it will plus happiness in your life.

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5.Spend your weekend with your friend

It is my personal practice that I share my monthly progress with my best Friend after every fourth weekend where he tells me about the mistakes that I have made. Pass the maximum time with your bestie to get more advice and make life easy. We are connected to each other through the internet which means we do have not any time to share our problems with our friends. Making friends on Facebook, following favorite personalities on Twitter is not enough, hang out with your best friend and try to explore your difficulties and problems with him to get the best solutions.

6.Daily Exercise

Try to make exercise like running, biking, cycling, swimming walking, or whatever you feel happy to do that specific exercise. Science has proved that if you are exercising then your sleep is enough good and if your sleep is good which automatically plus your health which means you are living a happy life. A happy life is also about exercising, so keep exercise daily.

Share it, it may help others.
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