Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
How Artificial Intelligence Can Destroy The World Badly
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Can AI destroy humanity? What are the disadvantages of it?

It is very important to describe the benefits of artificial intelligence but how about the dark sides of it concerning human lives? While the ideas and theories explained in books, movies or commentary channels might be fiction on one side else benefits also on the other side as well.

Artificial Intelligence, robots are doing very well and doing their best to entertain humanity. Will AI will kill us in a few years? As it is a fast-evolving technology I do not think we human has time to live on Earth, Even without knowing the rules alpha-zero wins the chess game from top expert players it is the AI that is playing at the backend.

AI Will Eat All Jobs

In 2023, IBM announced it to pause hiring for those jobs that AI could do so because it can do all those things easily that a normal human used to do in the past. Almost one million humans became jobless because of the revolution. So logically hiring an employee very first with salary and proper training can never be beneficial for the company, so AI replaced all.

AI Will Replace Photography Business

Once upon a time when you paid a heavy amount of dollars for shooting to get images in the studio. Yes, it is not going to be difficult from now onward for anyone living for searching a job. TryitOn is a generative AI app where you can get professional images with a single action i.e. uploading your photos or selfies only. These pictures can be used for websites, business cards, companies, portfolios, resumes, content marketing, etc.

Creative People Will Become Useless

With new technology, there is a risk for blue-collar jobs at first, while collar jobs at second, and then creative jobs. As a fact, we have learned that a machine can do better creative art than a human e.g. journey arts, and world-class arts. Video Editor jobs, Image editing jobs, automated animations, and art are at high risk because of AI. It means there is more risk for creative people because of generative AI new technologies. Every Company is going to replace these jobs with AI.

Self Driving Cars

Back in 2020 when Google was developing its AI bot and then suddenly AI Engineer declared on Media that AI is conscious. Self-driving cars can run on the road with 100 km without any driver, and a very well-known company Tesla has introduced the market which is also called an eclectic car. Taking decisions to turn left, changing lanes on a midway road, maintaining speed, and taking left or right is all in the hands of AI, so what if suddenly a kid comes in front of the car at 100 km?

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