How can I stop masturbation – 5 steps to practice in 2021

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Masturbation is a natural process of a human, a subset of sexual expression. It will reveal your stress lead what you have enjoyed sexually. This may be a habit if you repeat it which is a serious problem, and you need to resolve it by a doctor or psychiatrist. If you want to learn how to remain happy then you must read this.

In most scientific research it is a healthy practice but it is a serious problem if it is impacting negatively on your life with your partner.

If you are addicted person and want to get rid of this ridiculous habit read the following tips and make it your routine.

1.Avoid Pornography

In this modern technology time, it is very easy to access pornography within seconds. So, this is one of the keys to access that tends you to masturbation. Exposure to adult websites, images, and videos pressurized your brain to do masturbation.

If a personal success to make barriers between themselves and pornography, then he can easily stop masturbation.

Finally, install the filters that prevent to appear the adult sides to your devices, adult content may be content, video, image, and other pornographic material. 

2.Daily Activity  

Make yourself busy person in some complex work will help you not to trigger to the masturbation desire. It will be helpful for you when your mind go to the masturbation side, try to remain busy.

Make a new hobby and implement all your energy for the whole day which is a plus point of consistency to avoid such bad habit. Make a list of good habits or activity for all day and do it with perfection and one important make a discipline in your list completion. If you are unable to complete task, then punish yourself.

It may also be helpful to determine when the urge to masturbate is highest and plan other activities for that time.

4.Spend more time with your friend

Do not live alone in your living place because it is not a good idea because an alone mind is trained, and you will automatically tend towards masturbation. If you try to spend timeless alone then there is a chance that you will go to the masturbation.

 Now you will be thinking about what to do. The simple answer is that you must go to some good friends and try to focus on the activities with good friends. For example, you can play games like cricket, football, volleyball, and video games, etc.!

Expect this you must go to your relatives to spend a good time to get rid of these ridiculous habits.

Habits to become healthy

4.Routine Exercise

When you wake up early in the morning your mind works very fresh and the suggestion is to go for some exercise because it will health your mind and your all-day will be fresh like you will never feel tired and it will decrease the tension in this way which is plus point you will not go to the masturbation.

For example, go the gym, running, swimming, and gaming are the exercises that are best for your mind, and will the ratio of masturbation will decrease.

5.Get married soon

It is scientifically proved that married persons are happier and feeling healthy, well, if you get married soon then you are all the attention will move towards the sex life and this is the major plus point you will not tend to the masturbation. Expect this if you do all the above points and get married it will be a whole package that you will be a perfect man in your life.

Share it, it may help others.

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