7 Life Time Advice When You Turn To 18 Specially For Teenagers

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When born there is no responsibility upon you, nor go to school not even a single piece of tension. Some of you had lost your parent (Mom Or Dad) when a little kid you were. Some parents stay alive even the kids get older – luckily they are in a most handsome relationship. Fathers always want to see their children successful but the thing is what are your responsibilities when turning 18? Actually, there are a lot and how you face act in real life.

What you read in high school/college and what you face in real life are two different that reflect each other. However, almost 60% of teenagers are addicted to watching porn – a bad habit that destroys your brain.

Muslim religion orders you to arrange a marriage when you become an adult. If a boy can maintain a difference and justice among them then get 4 marriages. There are many new things that need to see and manage at the same time.

How the World Works Real Life Advice for Teenagers

Work On Yourself

Remember Time Is Money

Learn From Mistakes

Try To Do it Alone

Improve Communication Skills

Be Kind & Humble

Be Positive

Share it, it may help others.