Do You Know How To Find Job Using LinkedIn (Job Seekers Secrets)

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Looking for a job on LinkedIn and don’t know how to find a job? Most job seekers think uploading a photo or profile picture is enough. Photo is not enough to look professional for a position in some company is not true.

LinkedIn Profile Tips For Everyone

There are many metrics that if adopted will be helpful for your career. LinkedIn is not to other social media platforms but it is most important if you are professional in your expertise. You can add job alerts on LinkedIn & get emails about particularly interesting jobs. Many job seekers have no idea what to do. How to optimize their LinkedIn profile is important for coming up on the list of job seekers.

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Many Jobs seekers have no idea how to use LinkedIn for growing connections, therefore, in this article, i would covert the facts that are helpful for finding a job:

How To Use LinkedIn To Get A Job

There are many ways you can get a job on Linkedin. Keep in mind the following points when you are searching for:

Focus On Niche

Niche is an important aspect of every business or task, so you may have no idea what are you finding and get biased. For example, if you are looking for SEO jobs, then it is the part of the niche that you need to understand.

In other words, digital marketing is the main niche, and search engine optimization is part of it. So, clearly define your niche and purpose to grow. If you have no idea about your niche then go ahead and clearly define you skills you can do easily. You may find millions of people who are professionals. Select your inspiration and follow them for more deep insight into your domain.

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Make Your Digital (Online Appearance) Appearance

Making an online presence is very not expensive, a few changes groom your profile, and able to get a job. Rename it brand awareness that can be increased through the following hints:

  1. Post Regularly About Your Skills full of Knowledge.
  2. Be Active On Social Media.
  3. Find new Groups sometimes referred to as Forums.
  4. Send E-mail to Recruiters.
  5. Know How SEO works for your work.
  6. Try different social media & input your biography with your skills and experience.
  7. Upload Amazing Designs & Fresh Content Regularly To Attract Target Audience.
  8. Follow Your Competitor & Improve Your Profile.
  9. Develop Strong Relationships
  10. Become An Effective Influencer
  11. Make Your Portfolio Website
  12. Analyze Your Progress
  13. Create Your Value
  14. Showcase Your Work Experience & Goal

Make A Professional Look

As mentioned earlier uploading a new profile picture is not enough to make your look professional. For that, You need to upload your certificates and courses. Uploading your interest On LinkedIn is also a pass in your direction. Open your Linkedin profile and fill in the details that you have not considered or forgotten for a later time. See the following picture and see what are you missing also follow me on LinkedIn:

Hafiz Bilal LinkedIn Profile
My LinkedIn Profile

How to Search Jobs In LinkedIn

Consider LinkedIn a search engine, you will be able to understand how to use it for searching for your dream job. The following video may be helpful for you :

How to Find a job using LinkedIn

The Bottom Line

It is not very hard to find a Job on Linkedin, you need only dedication. Improving your profile, and maximizing your availability, with specific niche research are the building blocks of your dedication. Keeping in touch with your connections and following some big companies of your skill/ interest are also helpful for building your career. With the passage of time, technology evolving, so changing your preferences with time is very important for getting a job.

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