Fri. Mar 1st, 2024
Prices of Vegetables in Indore Today As Tomato Turns Red
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Indore Vegetable Market: The effect of rain is also being seen on the prices of vegetables. At the same time, due to the decrease in the arrival of vegetables from other states, the prices have been affected. On the other hand, in the rural areas around Indore, there has been mud due to the rain, due to which most of the vegetables are getting spoiled. At the same time, the prices of tomatoes are also skyrocketing.

In fact, it has been raining heavily in Indore and surrounding areas for the past few days. Vegetables are unable to reach Indore due to heavy rains in areas like Manpur, Dhar, Barwani, and Alirajpur near Indore. This is the reason why the prices of vegetables are skyrocketing.

These are today’s prices of vegetables
Talking about green vegetables, among green vegetables, coriander was sold in bulk at Rs.150 and in Kherchi up to Rs.200 per kg. The same green chillies were also sold for Rs 100 to 120 per kg. Here tomatoes have made people red. These days tomato is being sold up to Rs.100 per kg and the headline of tomato will still remain intact. In fact, the number of lorries coming from Maharashtra is more among the vegetables that come in the Choithram vegetable market of Indore. More potatoes, onions etc come from Maharashtra. But since the monsoon has become active in Maharashtra, the number of lorries carrying vegetables has decreased. Due to which the prices of vegetables have increased.

Onion has already made farmers cry
Onion prices are also increasing in the market. Unseasonal rain has already made the farmers cry tears of onion. Farmers did not get proper price for onions. On the other hand, farmers were forced to sell onions for just Re.1 per kg. Here, the prices of vegetables have made the common man aware of inflation again.

prices of vegetables
Tomato – 80-100
Chilli – 100-120
Cucumber – 40
Bitter gourd – 50
Zucchini – 60
Loki – 30-40
Coriander – 150-200
Okra – 60
Lemon – 70
Ginger – 200
Cabbage – 30
Cauliflower – 40

Fruit Kherchi Price in Indore
Mango Rs 50-70 per kg
Banana Rs 40-60 per dozen
Pomegranate Rs 200-250 per kg
Apple Rs 250-300 per kg
Papaya Rs 50-60 per kg

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