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Common Things To Know About Linkedin Connection (All Time Useful)
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What is Connect On Linkedin?

Linkedin is an online website for professional people that are working on their skills, For example, a blogging career. If you are new to LinkedIn then you can create an account which is totally free & you can use Linkedin to find a job or work. You can connect with anyone but without skill you are nothing. A lot of people are job holders because of this platform. So if you want to grow your network on LinkedIn then keep hold and read the entire article. You can make 1st, the 2nd, or 3rd connection without any hesitation. One most important feature is, that you also can connect with those whom you don’t know.

What Does 1st Degree Connection Mean on Linkedin?

It is a very common and straightforward answer if you are a regular LinkedIn user. If you already have a network, then actual friends are a 1st-degree connection. In other words, first-degree connections are those people who have accepted your connection request or you have accepted the request of someone who has to send a connection request to you. For example, see the blow:

1st degree connection
what is 1st degree of connection?

In the above picture, Alisa is my 1st-degree friend connection. It is very important that she can message me at any time for working on projects or join some company or remote jobs.

What Does 2nd Degree Connection Mean on Linkedin?

Now you have understood about 1st degree. All the connections of 1st degree are your 2nd connection if you are connected with them. In other words, expect the 1st, all others are the 2nd connection. The function is similar that you can get connect people’s ideas or project discussion on the anty topic. For example, see the following:

So, Amelia Daisy is an On-page SEO expert specialist in the PK, so we have the same interest. You can see 1 mutual connection below which is also my friend. So, she is not my 2nd-degree connection.

In short words, friends of your friend who are not connected to you on LinkedIn are your 2nd-degree connection. That is the way you can grow your network on LinkedIn.

What Does 3rd Degree Connection Mean on Linkedin?

Now let’s straight forward to the 3rd, it is not very complicated. They are not our direct friends, actually, they are those people who indirectly met our 1st connection. It is the game of only 1st. Do not be confused. Let us understand

I will explain it in the following diagram:

What are 3rd Degree Connection

Jessica is a connection with Amelia & Amelia is a connection with Alisa. The following Points will be helpful for you.

  • My 1st connection is Alisa
  • Amelia is the connection of Alisa but not my connection, is the best example of 2nd connection
  • Jessica is the connection of Amelia but not Alisa & my connection, is the example of 3rd connection.

1st Connection VS 2nd connection VS 3rd Connection

You have understood the concept of all the above. If you really want to understand in detail then the following image will be very helpful for you. You need to upload your cv to LinkedIn & be a guru do your skill.

The Comparison of 1st, 2nd & 3rd Degree Connection
Comparison of 1st, 2nd & 3rd Degree Connection

The Bottom Line

Whenever you go to someone’s profile, either you connect or follow them. You cannot send connect request to someone who has reached the limit. The limit is 30,000 one thing is also needed to remember. So do not send a bulk connection request at one time. It is considered spam by LinkedIn & you will not be able to use this feature.

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