How to Mute/Unmute Text/Conversation/ Group On iPhone

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Are You Fed up when your phone buzz after when someone sends messages on WhatsApp either individually or in a Group?

Are You iPhone User? Sure, You are definitely getting features from it that will be very amazing for you.

You can get connected to your family, friends & colleague through, no matter wherever you are, it will be easy for you. Not only you can send messages, videos, audio, or something else you can also send animated GIFs, stickers, emojis, and funny moments to anyone anytime that create a layer of happiness in your environment.

How To Mute Message/ Text / Conversation on iPhone?

Are You looking for the best replacement to manage your message on your iPhone?

Anyone can send a message to you at any time, you may respond to him/her when you read the message because it is ridiculous to you, therefore you need a solution?

Whether you are getting messages from your best friend or group chat is not going slow that turns your stamina into anger, yes it is very offensive for you, are you looking for a solution?

Just follow the steps in the video, it is a very friendly solution for you.

Alright, there is an option if you are getting messages too much then you can mute any person or group through the following process:

  1. Open the Message App that is located on your iPhone/iPad.
  2. There is a list of messages seen on it & just swipe that conversation to the left you would like to mute.
  3. Simply tap the shown icon bell to hide alerts immediately then here we go you can see the Moon Bell Icon.

Remember, This only works for iMessage or SMS only.

How To Unmute /Message Text / Conversation on iPhone?

By mistake, you may mute your best friend’s conversation or particular group chat, there is a solution how to unmute any message or text or group conversion on iPhone?

Are You ready, so follow the following steps in order to accomplish unmute:

  1. Just open the Message App installed on your iPad/iPhone.
  2. Similarly, there is a lot of messages/group conversation.
  3. Just swipe left on the conversation you want to unmute.
  4. There is a bell icon, just tap it.
  5. Finally, you will get notifications alerts from it. Congratulations!!

In the end, the half-moon icon will not be shown which means that you will get notifications from that chat or conversation.

How To Block Messages On iPhone/iPad

Sometimes, people need to block messages received on Apple devices, so don’t worry, You can follow the steps to block specific contact.

  1. Launch the at the bottom of your screen on your iPhone or iPad.
How to Block message on IPhone
Pictre 1

2. When you have opened the app then there is a Message Screen on your phone where all the conversations appeared. Just select the conversation you want to block.

image 2
Picture 2

3. Alright, here is the other step to go, just click the person’s photo or a name which is given at the mid-top of the screen and the next screen will appear where you can see different options but we are going with tab info tab.

How to unmute iPhone message
Picture 3

4. Simply click on info, a new pop-up will appear where you can see “Block this caller”. Just click tab button on it and push on it to block. So, you can unblock that contact anytime.

How to mute iPhone message
Picture 4

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