7 Great Reasons You Should Be Publishing On LinkedIn

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Share it, it may help others.

LinkedIn Marketing for Small Business

LinkedIn Marketing for Small Business is becoming increasingly popular because it is a fast growing platform and the world’s largest professional network with hundreds of millions of users. Posting regular, valuable content on Linkedln helps to create trust between you and your connections and helps you to be seen as an expert in your field. Why does this matter? Well, those that are perceived as experts in their field are able to command higher rates and generate more business and wouldn’t we all like that!

7 Reasons To Publish Content On LinkedIn

  1. It helps keep you top of mind within your LinkedIn network.
  2. Your content provides more value to your network. For instance, posts offering free advice, tips or information on industry trends are often useful or valuable to your network.
  3. It allows you to share your expertise, insights, technical or industry knowledge with a broader audience.
  4. It helps to amplify your blog content to a wider audience and can help drive traffic back to your website, but be sure to use URL links within your posts to help people navigate back to your website.
  5. It helps position you as a thought leader in your industry.
  6. It can help build your business profile. How? Well if you’ve won an award lately, worked with a high profile client, gotten some great press, share a post about it. All these things help create ‘social proof’ or ‘evidence’ that can help you to secure future sales.
  7. Your network can share your LinkedIn post and this opens up your content to a wider audience.

When thinking about LinkedIn Marketing and more specifically the types of posts you should write, remember to ask yourself;

  • What do I want to be known for?
  • What sorts of challenges and desires do my ideal customers have?
  • Then write your posts using key messages that show you understand these challenges, or desires and that you can help provide a good solution.

Following this strategy with help you to better connect with your target customers and build rapport.

LinkedIn Marketing – Build Your Network

LinkedIn has a powerful built-in search function hat you can use to help you identify new contacts. The main question you should answer is – who are the professionals and potential customers you’d like to connect to? Once you have defined your ideal connections, use the search function and LinkedIn filters to locate connections based on items such as job title, industry and location.

When you ‘connect’ with someone on LinkedIn make sure you add a note to personalise your request. It is very important to personalise your connection requests, try to use a message that shows the context and the relevance of connecting. For instance, comment on why it might be a good idea to connect, perhaps you are in complimentary industries. Maybe you found a recent post that they wrote interesting, or you might mention something that you have in common. Referring to shared contacts within your networks is also a good place to start, as we are more likely to connect with people we have common connections with.

Get started today, start posting valuable content and growing your network.

Share it, it may help others.