Fri. Mar 1st, 2024
Cleaning Foreclosures – Recession-Proof Marketing For a Recession-Induced Business Opportunity
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Cleaning foreclosures is an extremely lucrative business opportunity — especially in today’s economic climate. And, it is likely to be for some time to come. This in part explains why so many are jumping into it. But, like any business, you have to market — consistently — for it to pay off.

Many are jumping into business cleaning foreclosures right now thinking that jobs will somehow magically appear. They won’t. If you have no money for marketing, how can you capitalize on this business opportunity? Following is a free marketing idea that works.

Foreclosure Cleaning Company for Hire: No Job Too Big or Small!

How’s that for the headline of your flyer. Yep, a simple flyer is one of the most effective marketing tools you can use to get the word out about your foreclosure cleaning company. Following is a step-by-step plan for marketing your foreclosure cleanup company using flyers.

How to Design an Effective Flyer for Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business

Headline: As listed above, your headline should state exactly what you do. It should be in big, bold letters. If possible, use a color printer so that you can choose bright colors that stand out. If that’s not possible, choose brightly colored paper. That way, even if your print is in black, the flyer will still get noticed.

Body Copy: In the main body of the flyer, list the major services you offer. Don’t try to cram every service you offer in there because it can make the flyer look crowded. The idea is to get the person interested in your foreclosure cleaning services. You can put your website address on the flyer so that they can visit that to get your full list of services.

Leave lots of space between paragraphs on your foreclosure cleaning flyer — again, you want to grab a prospect’s initial attention. Flyers that are too crowded with copy repel prospects — they don’t attract them.

Cleaning Foreclosures Marketing Tip: State Benefits, Not Features

If you don’t remember anything else about marketing your business cleaning foreclosures, remember this — customers don’t buy features; they buy benefits. What’s the difference? A feature describes some aspect of your foreclosure cleaning business. It may say something like, “We offer excellent customer service.”

A benefit, on the other hand, tells the customer what’s in it for them. In advertising, it’s known as the WIIFM principle (What’s In It For Me). A benefits statement reads like, “We Can Help You Sell More Houses with Our Foreclosure Trashout Service” or, “Get Your Foreclosed Properties Cleaned, Repaired and Painted In 24- 48 Hours.” See the difference?

Once you’ve designed the perfect flyer describing your business cleaning foreclosures, drop them off at local realtor offices (in person); post them on community bulletin boards (eg, in your grocery store and restaurants); and follow up. Your phone will soon be ringing with foreclosure cleaning jobs. Rinse and repeat — and you’re on your way.

Share it, it may help others.