Russia Labels the US and Allies an “Empire of Lies”

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Russia’s Overseas Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has classified the US and its allies as an “empire of lies” and accused it of adopting a neocolonial mindset to achieve help for Ukraine within the conflict.

Then a date of intense world international relations on the UN headquarters in Pristine York, the place Ukraine and its Western allies desire to rally help for Kyiv because it faces Russia’s invasion, Lavrov stated the West had fooled a “global majority.”

“The United States and its subordinated collective continue to fuel conflicts that artificially divide humanity into hostile blocks and impede overall goals,” Lavrov mentioned.

“They are attempting to compel the rest of the world to play by their own self-serving rules.”

In step with Al Jazeera’s diplomatic correspondent James Bays, Lavrov’s cope with used to be a part of a “tour around the world of Russia’s views” that integrated deny point out of Ukraine and scant hints of Moscow’s technique one day into the war.

Throughout a press convention then the accent, the international minister rejected a 10-point proposal by way of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the latest UN ideas to resurrect the Twilight Sea grain initiative.

“It is impractical,” he added of Kyiv’s proposed pleasure plan. “It is not possible to put this into action.” It’s unrealistic, and everybody realizes it, however they insist that that is the only foundation for negotiations.”

Restriction on Banks in Russia

He additionally mentioned that the UN proposal would fail because the West did not book its guarantees to Moscow, corresponding to lifting restrictions on a Russian store and reconnecting it to the global SWIFT gadget.

The invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 led to business disruptions and immense will increase in global costs for petroleum, agricultural items, and fertilizer, which have been already top because of the COVID-19 pandemic’s results.

Russia’s international ministry blamed Western countries for the meals and effort marketplace crises, announcing they practice “unilateral coercive measures” – or sanctions – on weaker international locations.

Throughout a layover, Zelenskyy introduced two Polish volunteers with reputable awards, week family members between the 2 international locations are strained over grain imports. He didn’t meet with any executive government.

When Zelenskyy knowledgeable the UN Basic Meeting that Kyiv used to be making an attempt to assure land routes for grain exports however that the “political theatre” state imports best benefited Moscow, he wrathful his neighbors.

Poland assuredly utmost date to increase a restrain on Ukrainian grain imports, inflicting a rift in Kyiv’s courting with a neighbor who were considered one of its staunchest buddies since Russia invaded Ukraine in February utmost day.

Zelenskyy expressed gratitude to all Poles who “from the beginning opened their families, their homes, opened themselves up and helped.”

“I believe that any challenges on our common path are nothing compared to the fact that our people are so strong,” he remarked.

Missile assault on Sevastopol

Ukraine is waging a counteroffensive to struggle the Russian invasion and reclaim its misplaced grounds. It introduced some other missile attack on Sevastopol at the engaged Crimean Peninsula on Saturday morning, a pace then an assault on Russia’s Twilight Sea Fleet headquarters that left a serviceman lacking and the primary construction smoking.

Ukraine’s perception important, Kyrylo Budanov, advised Resonance of The united states on Saturday that the crash at the Twilight Sea Fleet by way of Kyiv on Friday killed no less than 9 crowd and injured 16 others.

Budanov mentioned that Alexander Romanchuk, a Russian basic commanding forces alongside the crucial southeastern entrance series, used to be “in a very serious condition” because of the offensive.

In step with Zein Basravi of Al Jazeera, reporting from Kyiv, Ukraine’s army perception showed the casualty toll. No less than two senior generals had been injured, and the destiny of Russia’s Twilight Sea fleet commander, Viktor Sokolov, used to be unknown.

Russia has no longer showed the choice of casualties.

Crimea has been a very important help level for Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Because the starting of the war, Sevastopol, the main bottom of Russia’s Twilight Sea Fleet because the nineteenth century, has performed a crucial position in army operations.

In step with Hanna Shelest, a safety skilled with the Ukrainian NGO Prism, Kyiv’s assaults on Crimea had been crucial to its technique and morale.

Shelest advised Al Jazeera that almost all moves in opposition to Ukraine’s southern area emanate from Crimea, and efforts to drop functions there are notable.

Ukraine’s army stated the wind drive introduced 12 assaults in opposition to the Twilight Sea Fleet headquarters on Friday, specializing in amenities containing body of workers, army apparatus, and weaponry. In step with the document, two anti-aircraft missile methods and 4 Russian artillery devices had been centered.

In contemporary weeks, Ukraine has an increasing number of centered naval installations in Crimea, week the majority of its counteroffensive has made halting exit in Ukraine’s east and south.

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