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SEO- A complete Reading for beginners
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What is google and why google is the best engine?

Now it is time for you to understand that what is search engine optimization? I have divided it into three names as search, engine, and optimization. Let us talk about search very fanny word. With the passage of time data is increasing day by day because everyone has a smartphone, and everyone produces data in every field although it is education or business. Sports, import/ export, Hollywood, Bollywood, and many more. It is firstly impossible to find required data and secondly, it is very time-consuming for one person to find data. This was a genuine issue and many search engines were competing to give optimized output. Finally, google give the best service to search for something. Now it’s time to talk about the engine now, no doubt, Google is the best engine in the entire world due to its remarkable products. Everyone must use the products of Google. Due to the amazing performance of their products of google, it is the best engine.

Now it is time for you to understand that what is search engine optimization? I have divided it into three names as search, engine, and optimization. Let us talk about search very fanny word. With the passage of time data is increasing day by day because everyone has a smartphone, and everyone produces data in every field although it is education or business. Sports, import/ export, Hollywood, Bollywood, and many more. It is firstly impossible to find required data and secondly, it is very time-consuming for one person to find data. This was a genuine issue and many search engines were competing to give optimized output. Finally, google give the best service to search for something. Now it’s time to talk about the engine now, no doubt, Google is the best engine in the entire world due to its remarkable products. Everyone must use the products of Google. Due to the amazing performance of their products of google, it is the best engine.


SEO works on a specific pattern and these specific patterns are called algorithms in computer science. Those algorithms work on many factors. Google work on many factors and many people believe that there are 200+ factors but many other SEO experts give their opinion that there are 10000+ factors on which google does its ranking of the website. Therefore, I conclude that there is a black box on which google does its ranking on websites. As SEO experts they need to understand all these factors. Google works on its own recipe and if google tells about recipes then everyone will work on the google recipe and make a better-optimized engine so it is impossible to track the google algorithm. If we look at the previous 20 googles it is different. Google is obsolete it means Google is making changes in its environment. For example, a webpage has optimized titles, the best content, efficient backlinks, good loading time. There are other factors that also impact the ranking factor of a website. On-page SEO and off-page SEO and technical SEO. In On-Page SEO we try to optimize title, info, content, layout, images, and language. On-Page SEO we try to optimize the pages of other client’s websites. Another is technical SEO and usually, the developers and other back-end developers do optimize code until unless the website ranked on the first page of google. According to one research On-page, SEO gives  30% of SEO, and the remaining 70% of SEO work is done by OFF page SEO. Remember, technical SEO works in its own place and it is also a part of SEO as well.

Every SEO expert always confuse about the three terms

  1. Search
  2. Social
  3. Digital marketing

As discussed earlier that Google is a search engine and if a user has some intent and there are two types of intent named as wish and need. Depends upon the need of the user there can be anything like need or wish. For example, if a patient needs a doctor and defiantly, he will search it on google and there are many results on google in minor seconds.

Let us understand it in deep….

If a patient knows the doctor, he will directly search it on google and the users or clients will directly join me on the social media. The clients, in this case is patient will contact you directly when he needs in future. Digital marketing is defined as to sale our product in overall market and it is another medium of the search as well.

Types of SEO

There are three typed of SEO

  1. Black hat SEO
  2. White hat SEO
  3. Grey hat SEO

If SEO expert does not follow the rules of google algorithm, then the website banned and blocked by the google. White hat SEO fulfils all the rules and regulation of the google and is ranked in the first page. Grey hat SEO works on both white hat and black hat SEO. So we can say that both black and grey hat SEOs are not good options and google block them after some period of time.

Introduction to Keywords

What is keyword?

The keyword is one of the first steps which is the base of the SEO and remembers if this step goes wrong then the remaining process of SEO also leads to destruction. The term keyword is used only for SEO which means a group of words or single word when we write on google for example “What is SEO”. In easy language, we write something on google it is named as a keyword. Do not make it more complicated the simple words which we write on google and search engine, in turn, provides thousands of results is called as words or keywords. Keywords are also called search quires and because when you write something in google it is named as a simple query or search quires. Keywords, words. Search queries and quires all have the same meaning in the world of SEO.

Google is divided into the overall world and provides every type of problem domain. For example,,, etc., etc.

When the website is opened the required data or solutions come appeared and it is named as content. Content has been divided into images, videos, audio, and text. All types of the data are important in all the aspect. Looking at different content we perform SEO aspects and make our website more optimized.

Importance of keywords

  • If the keyword researching process goes wrong the whole SEO goes down and our marketing tends to destruction.
  • When our keywords match the intent of the customers then we can convert our more audience to the customers. In this way, our SEO business grows up and carries to our competitors.

To understand more let us have a look at one example.

“if a user sitting in Pakistan search for the query mobile phone and apparent results come to the first page of the google. The Google algorithm is so much powerful which save all the records of google user. We as SEO experts can see the total number of results and look at the analysis of the websites. Google Analytics helps us to determine the keywords competition of the specific niche.”

Expect this the keyword may be the following:

  1. Best phones in Lahore
  2. Cheapest mobile phones in Karachi.
  3. Mobile phones underprice 20 thousand.
  4. Mobile phones under 6GB RAM.

So we as a SEO expert call it as keyword.

Types of keywords

For that purpose, let us have an example.

AHMED has a garment shop. A customer goes shopping and there is a variety of cloth, for example, men’s cloths, women’s clothes, kid clothes, and other different varieties. Every customer will demand according to their needs and every need is different from the other. You as shop honor will have to satisfy all the requirements of the customers. Some of the customers will say that I need a stylish look design for kids and many others will come with different types of wish. As an honor, the shop honor has an idea which one customer is serious and which came only for the visit.

An SEO expert must have an idea of which customer is serious, and which came here only for the purpose of the visit. Now for that purpose of understanding keywords are divided into four categories.

  1. Short tail keywords
  2. Long keywords
  3. Specific keywords
  4. Broad keywords

Let us explain them in short manner:

  1. Short tail keywords: This type of keyword contains one or two words. They give less meaning to the desired queries. These keywords do not explain the intent of the customers or users. For example, when you write “mobile phones” in google you cannot tell either customer want to buy something or came only for the information.
  2. Long-tail keywords: This type of keyword contains more than three words. They are better than short-tail keywords and thus give more meaning to the intent of the users/customers. For example, when you write “mobile phones best price in Pakistan” give you more understanding about the needs of the wish of the customers. So, these keywords give more meaning and better than short-tail keywords.
  3. Specific keywords: These types of keywords are short in nature but give us a big meaning to the words. It is not specific in sense. For example, from such types of keywords, you cannot even imagine what docustomers want and what is the need of the customers.

Broad keywords: These keywords give broader meanings to the specific items (keywords). For example, “mobile repairing shops in Gulberg Lahore” is the long tail keyword broad keyword as well and these types of keywords give more understanding about the wish or need of the customers and users.

Expect of these there also keywords which also play an important role in SEO market.

 Simple queries are those where people come only for browsing purposes on your website or only for the sake of searching people come google. In simple terms you cannot tell that customers came here for the purpose of purchasing, that’s why they are called as simple queries. While on the other hand if a customer writes on google for keyword “Samsung galaxy note 9 prices in Pakistan” and this gives the exact meaning of the needs of the customers.

 Money keywords are those which gives you money in return and these keywords are very important to find. As an SEO expert you can earn money on google. We can say that the foundations of the SEO contain a lot of factors. Keywords are the basics part of all the factors. If the keywords are not appropriate and not good for the specific, then our website will go down. As an SEO expert you will have to make a good keyword research planning. Make a plan, make a strategy, make proposals and do-good keywords and all these will help you towards the successful business. Therefore, keywords play an important role in overall SEO and there is need of professional SEO keyword researcher which leads to the good SEO marketing.

SEO, understanding in broader sense

When talking about traffic what the first thing comes into mind? For this purpose, you first must understand about the audience. The number of people or users who come to your website for getting your services is called traffic and one customer visiting your website means one audience. Remember one thing that to increase the audience you must put good content on the web.

There are four channels where the traffic comes to your website are following:

  1. Search
  2. Social
  3. Direct
  4. Referral

In the ranking of the website, you can rank your web by paying to google i.e. google takes its fees and put your website to the top of the google first page. The method through which you rank your website by paying to google is called PPC/SEM. SEM abbreviated “Search Engine Marketing”.it is the scenario where website honor pay for the web, although on the other hand  SEO is related to your organic results or organic medium. PPC abbreviated “Pay-Per-Click” is a process in which ads are put on the main search engines.  If you use the pure white hat SEO then your website ranked after the website which is paid for by Google.

In the search channel when the user clicks on your website is called organic search and on the other hand, when the user clicks on your paid website it is called paid medium.

Social channel works the same as search that is they are divided into two subcategories organic medium and paid medium. Inorganic medium your web ranked due to the large and efficient content. In a paid medium, you must select your specific audience and put the ads for that specific client. In a paid medium, another term is also referred to as demography which in turn means that you take the biodata of the users and use it for your own purpose so that you can make your web more optimized.

Indirect channel users directly come to your web and the greater number of users come to your web increases the traffic which in turn ranked your website and thus a good aspect of SEO. Keep remembering one thing that you must make good content on the website. There are four types of content images, video, images, and audio. There is also another SEO level where you can level your expertise for example audio SEO.

The last channel is referral which is the lowest form where uses come to your website through the links you have given to other websites using backlinks. Backlinks are those links which you give to other medium and user clients come to your web so that the number of audiences increased and thus traffic also increased as well.

Two decades ago when a customer needs something, he uses to consuls his family, friends, relatives, and other known people but technology has changed the way of thinking. It the generation of the internet, in other words, today is the digital marketing is King and playing a vital role.

Activation Evaluation

When users come to internet, he gathers information about his intent. There may be possibilities of wish or need. In this phase the user searches different brands and analyze the quality which is better for his needs.

Moment of Purchase

When user has decided his desire and want to buy the item according to his needs then he go further goes to for purchase this thing.

This is the phase where the honors of the company of can gain the trust of the clients. This is the point where you can make your quality better and you win your customers. If the honors of websites do not respond against the needs of the customer then the number of audiences decreased and you lost your competition and your website will not remain on the first page and your web will get fewer clicks which are not fruitful for the business.

Post-purchase behavior  If you satisfy your customers and do your best to satisfy them means that they will defiantly search your profile and you win the customer. One thing remembers in mind that there is that point where the audience increases and the audience increases as well.

Thinks to remember about website for SEO expert

When you go to the market to buy your daily based using things, you prefer to go to the clean environment because you will buy all the items in a peaceful environment. There are basically two types of marketplace named as structured and unstructured place. A structured place is where every stall is located at its specified place and if the stalls are not located at its specified place it is named as unstructured. Websites, in the same way, can be classified as structured and unstructured. To get better SEO your website must be structured. A good and well-structured website has different levels of pages named as level1, level2, level3 and so on. If you want to make your website good make it complex (more levels which means give more services and products) but structured.

Now the question arises in mind that why website should be structured?

When search engine optimizing (SEO) crawl your website it will feel easy for structured websites. Thus, reusability will not be easy if website in not structured. Google will take time to crawl your website and of course reusability will not be fruitful if website in not structured. Therefore, make a structured website it does not matter that how much complex it is, so, SEO process may go easy.

The above is called a URL (unique resources locator)

SEO experts must know about two terms domain and hosting. All the contents (images, videos, text, and audio) are placed at the host. Name of the website where the audience searches your products and services is called a domain.

The domain is divided further into two parts. One is the top-level domain other is the second-level domain. The top-level domain specifies the area where your website be accessed easily. Examples are .com, .org and .net and they are generic. The top-level domain may be non-generic for example

Transaction from one server to another sever is called internet.

When a user (audience) clicks a website, the internet registers and sends a request to the DNS server in turn sends it to the host. The host verifies and completes the registered request and shows the website to the server. Think if there is no internet what will happen? No one can access the website and there will be no communication. As an SEO expert, you must have a deep understanding of the internet.

What is HTML?

It is abbreviated as hypertext markup language. This language is playing role for the website to look good. The written form of all the websites are the HTML. With the passage of time HTML has promoted to the HTML5 which is more advanced and more valuable for the web text.

The websites were very simple and page websites, so the websites were structured and very simple. These websites are called static websites. With the passage technology revolution, the world was not only depending on the static website, so it was the time to go for some dynamic websites. The concept of CMS (content management system) replaced the static website where you can design a website with dynamic behavior. Many CMS came into the ground to compete with one another. Joomla, WordPress, Presta shee, magneto, Drupal, and concede etc.

If you want to make an e-commerce app(product sale and purchase) then magneto is good for small types of websites. WordPress is heading out of all the CMS because it is very simple and easy to use. This gets the famous main reason is that even non-technical people can make a complex website on this platform. But many of the websites are still static that is they are not on the CMS. As the users and buyers come to the good-looking website which can be developed by the tool CMS no other one only WordPress. In concluding to be a good SEO expert you need to understand the value of CMS and with our research WordPress is the best and most using tool for dynamic websites.

Many initial steps to keep in mind and one of them is that please do not explain all the things on the main page. If you do this the user will never go to the next levels of the pages and this is not good for traffic and the number of audiences. So, make the home page as simple as you can so that the audience goes deeper and deeper and the and inner pages may be visited as well.

Let us go more deeper into it.

Did you listen to the money keyword? If a user buys something from your keyword or if a keyword gives money then it is called money keyword. Now think about that if you put all product on home page, will he or she will go to the inner pages. He will get bored soon and cross your website as well. Therefore, make a simple website and put all the product in separate pages will make you good SEO expert.

Another important is that make a good contact page and about us page. Trust is developed because of these pages and the margin of your number of customers gets doubled day by day.

Let us make a conclusion here make a structured website with more content (a greater number of pages will be very useful). If you are selling one product and your then simple website. On the other hand, if you are giving a lot of products and services make some complex websites with more number of pages. SEO must know about even a single item about the web and HTML, CSS, JavaScript as well

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