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In today’s time, computers are best friends for all those people who belong to different fields. The basic building block behind the working of algorithms is no doubt mathematics. Also, a lot of complex problems are resolved through computers in a few hours only.

Python is the number one programming language and the reasons are different. It is easy to learn – i.e. the syntax is very easy other than which can be a second option. If you are strong in analytics and love to solve the problems of your school mathematics, it displays write a code on the computer is not that difficult by the way.

I have seen people at age of 45 work on a large project of complex problems, it is all about logic and facts and how you think about a particular problem. An ideal example is Bill Gates who use say in one interview that everyone needs to learn the programming language.

The Best Way to Learn Basic Programming Skills

Metally Preparation is Important

First of all, it is very clear to keep in mind why you are choosing to program as your career – burn all boats before entering. Patient & consistency are the two keys to a successful developer not less but able to make larger projects. Steve Jobs once said, “Everybody must learn how to code a program because it enables you to think and solve problems.”

Strong Your Fundamentals

In every domain, understanding the basics is as far important as you clean your kitchen which never gets cleaned forever. Programming fundamentals and OOP (Object Oriented Programming Language) are the two main pillars to stand out in some projects over it. It will take almost one month and practice will lead you to more power. 4-5 hours of daily practice is enough to strengthen your basics after all.

Choose Your Best Programming Language

It is another important step besides learning the basics because your milestone determines where you are going. For Instance, let’s consider you want to become an ML Engineer then data science is your main domain. So, Learning about distinct libraries is a vital decision instead of jumping into sticky projects. Based on your found you are free to choose any language. You will be a pro developer after almost 5 hours which means you are able to work in any language.

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Play With Mini Projects

You have done with basics & looking to taste some projects – it is advised to not jump into in until you have a thirst for doing it. It will only happen when the concepts are at your fingertips – consistency is your rope to hold tightly though.

Learn Data Structures & Algorithms

Develop a habit of reading books on data structure & algorithms as well. Books are easily available on the Internet or buy them from your nearer bookshop. See how the algorithm is used to define and make clear problems with an example, a very simple is make a cup of tea. See the different data structures (linear vs non-linear), go to its code seek help from internet understand the logic with help of your practice.

Share it, it may help others.

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