Top 11 Biggest mistakes that every blogger make

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In this article, I am going to give you my experience when I started my own blog and share all the mistakes during this process. How can you start making money from blogging? So, keep on reading the whole article that will be useful for you


Even you are beginner or running you own blog; this article will boost your earning.

Guide for beginner bloggers

1.Niche Selection

The first mistake made by the new bloggers is that they write on different topics which is not a good idea. Working on the different ideas (topics) will lead you to success but it will be required too much time and much effort to grow. Now, I will suggest you not focus on macro and multiple nice rather you must start by low competed and more searched nice, so you may get ranked and traffic in less period with more effort. For example, email marketing, On-Page SEO, and digital marketing. Writing on a single topic is useful but writing on more than 2 topics is not a good deal. Writing on a single topic at the beginning is much more fruitful and beneficial for the future. 

2.Platform Selection

There are numerous stages like WIX, Blogger, Blog spot, WordPress, and numerous others like this which are called CMS (content administration framework). All are acceptable however chipping away at free area facilitating won’t give you weighty and long haul achievement. Eventually, I will recommend you use and go for WordPress which is a greatly improved CMS, and very nearly 70 % of the World use WordPress on the grounds that it is more adaptable.

3.Proper Keyword Research

There are many types of keywords but finding the best keyword is a major mistake that many new bloggers make in their blogpost and content writing. You must work on long-tail keywords because it is easy to rank in many search engines like google, yahoo, and ask. Proper keyword research (low keyword difficulty and high search volume) can be done with Ubersuggest (by Neil Patel) or AHREF. If you are unable to pay for the tools then you must go for a group to buy SEO tools.

4.Working on keywords and content optimization

Finding the keyword for specific niche like digital marketing and writing article on it is not enough, therefore you need to keep changing in the articles based on the market strategy. Working and writing the articles on daily basis will be much useful but working on keyword analysis and content optimization are helping you to boost your blog or website overall. If you think writing little number of article and publishing it on the internet and getting some money, then you need to change thinking and start blogging professionally.

If you cannot do all the above then blogging is not for you at all, you must visit some other skills otherwise you are wasting time. You need to work without credit, patience is the key to success in blogging.

5.No investment

Many people buy free hosting and domain from the internet and publishing articles which is totally useless. If you really want to make money for the long term, seeing blogging his carrier then please avoid all the free hosting and domain services. You will be shocked to know that all the free hosting and domain contain spam that will lead your all work to loss, and you will never start blogging again. I will write an article later that how can you get the best hosting, and which is the best domain for your long-term procedure. There are many factors that are google algorithm use to grow your blog website and loading speed time is important out of all. You must remember in mind that if you are working on free hosting and domain then your web blog will never go to the ranking position as free hosting is full of spam and you should not do this.

6.Consistency and keep working

I have seen that a lot of people are working for two to three months and then leave the work by saying that it is total wastage of time. Remember consistency in blogging is like giving water to some thirsty. Google likes it when you daily publish your article on a topic that is a demand by most people. Working on some blog website for some period then left to it for rest then you are not going to be a successful blogger at all.

7.Thirst of earning than learning

In my experience, many people do not learn as they are continuously focusing on earning dollars. Keep in mind that you cannot be a good blogger if you have the mentality of getting money in a short period of time then correct it, you are on the wrong path. Many new bloggers think that they must apply the website for getting google AdSense. Now I am concluding the overall situation here in this subheading. Make a blog and keep publishing the article with consistency and then publish, you must do that process almost for 3 months and then you should apply it for google AdSense.

8.Avoiding Google search console and google analytics

it is my observation that new bloggers even do not apply these two and it is the biggest mistake they made in their journey.  Now it is time to understand the importance of these two tools that you should never ignore. Google Analytics helps you to see the matrices (Factors of the website that are calculated to rank the website) e.g. number of traffic through Facebook etc. on the other hand, google search console(webmaster tool) after looking at your website pages. You can check the indexing, ranking of the specific page and correct the page that is not correct or misleading the people.

Planning and execution: new bloggers always do planning and do not execute them in their practical tasks.

Do you want to boost your confidence

9.Quality Over Quantity (Worst writing)

Many new bloggers keep on writing the article full of grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and article spin. Never do all the stuff which is worst for your ranking and poor writing is not good for your ranking factor. Google is a successful search engine, and many robots are trained on supervised data using machine learning and artificial intelligence. If your writing is poor then you may then all the trained algorithms will not let you get ranked on the google first page. So try to keep good writing if you want to get ranked in a good and easy way. You can hire a new intern that can write articles for your blog and the last thing about it you must use Grammarly that is good for correcting your mistakes or grammar.

10.Thin content

Less than 600 words are considered as thin content and google does not consider it for ranking purposes. Try to write much more content and give all the information on that niche. Many bloggers focus only on the money keyword defined as the keyword which gives money, not on all the other types of keywords. If you want to get more traffic then write on the informative keyword which is good for your ranking purpose.

11.Promote the content

Promoting content means making backlinks for your keywords through off-page SEO. Many new bloggers do not make any backlinks for their keywords, you must make profile backlinks, web 2.0 backlinks, and forum backlinks. If your website is new, then making backlinks more than 10 is not healthy for your website. Therefore, writing content for your website must be your first priority, promoting content should be your second preference. If you want to get more about backlinks then you must go and read my SEO content.

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