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Top 6 habits to become healthy in the next 15 days
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Out of many choices, remaining happy is much tough because there are some priorities you like the most, but you are unable to adopt the healthiest habits. Social media is a major distraction, a bad phenomenon that leads you to the choice of good habits. It looks very good if one to get food from hotel then prepare itself at home. If you are told that try to remain busy if you want to feel and become healthy. This effort will make you busy with your whole body and mind.

Following are some changes you need to do in your life to start and maintain a healthier life.

1. Usage of fruits Regularly

Candies are made of ingredients that contain a heavy amount of sugar, fats, and other related unsafe and unhealthy materials which leads your health down.

On the other hand, if you use fruits in your daily life then it will be very useful as it contains sugar which is safe and contains natural sugar and healthy materials. Sugar which is totally natural has a good impact on your body and mind as well which helps you a lot to digest the sugar slowly.

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2.Do not buy unhealthy foods

Try to make habit of cooking as it is good for your body and practicing cooking different dishes increase the knowledge of being healthy.

In this way, you can save your money which is wasted on dinner at the hotel, lunch in the office, and breakfast in the morning routine. When you buy food by giving money then it leads you to bad stomach digestion which in turn bad health.

3.Learn Cooking

It is proved by the research that you will live a long and healthy life if you use black coffee. if you use black coffee with sugar, cream, and milk then it decreases the healthy ratio which is not a good idea for your good health.

Try to get maximum benefits of black coffee by excluding the different ingredients which are unsafe and not good for your health like flavors, sugar, cream, etc.

4.Eat less Eat healthily

To eliminate calories, pick the plate that has a high difference from the food in your feast. Studies have demonstrated that individuals serve themselves more food when the shade of the food and shade of the plate is the equivalent.

For controlling yourself from eating less bland food like bread, rice, or pasta, at that point try not to utilize white, yellow, or orange plates.



Exercising is key to living a healthy life. Make a list of taking exercise and do it with full perfection regularly. Running 3km daily, go to the gym, and sleep for 7 hours to live a healthy life.

6.Wash your hands

Expect the coronavirus, there are many germs spreading around which are not good for health. One of the good habits is washing hands regularly to prevent bad germs which are not good for your health.

On the other hand, if the bacteria live on your body or hands then it is not good because these bacteria will go inside your body and cause infection.

Share it, it may help others.
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