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Beginners Guide: How Can I Use Linkedin to Find a Job/Work

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Remember, your network is your net worth. You can find many business opportunities and remote. The trend of getting remote jobs has increased for many years. Remote IT jobs are on fire in the market as well. Before proceedin into this article, make sure you have add cv to linkedin. I will explain how you can use Linkedin to find work or a job.

1. Search Your Network People

It is the connection where you have a chance to get a connection with your related niche. Linkedin is an amazing platform where you can find those who are like-minded & others. They can play a very important role in finding your job. You can get a professional network by doing this; open your profile & click on the search bar and the following strategy will be helpful for you

Strategy No 1: Search for amazon experts from the USA & get a connection with them

Use Linkedin to Find a Job
  • Search amazon & you will see a distinct option for it.
  • Click on “All Filters“. You will see many options there.
  • Just select the country USA & go ahead. You can find this in the section “Location
  • End result will lead you to the list of all those people who are living in the united state & have expertise in amazon. It can be dropshipping, product hunter, product subscription & more.
  • Getting connected with those people will increase the chance of finding work.

Strategy No. 2: Search SEO experts from the United Kingdom & get a connection with them

Do yourself & write your experience in the comment section

It’s similar to the friend request, it will increase the chance to get a job or working from home. You can send a message note to a new user with whom you are going to connect. A very famous quote is: Your first impression is your last impression, so make it worthy for yourself. The LinkedIn Algorithm shows a 2nd-degree or 3rd-degree connection. 2nd-degree connection refers to the friend of a second friend and so on.

2. Searching Job Section

It is similar to the above section & the best way to find jobs from anywhere in the world. Just set your expertise or skills & write in the search bar that particular job.

There are 5 descriptive types where you can find the best job for yourselves, these names are 1) Full Time Job 2) Part time job 3) Contract 4) Temporary & 5) Internship. You can select and apply for jobs that fit your needs. You can also use other filters to save time and get to the right place to apply. Find & apply for jobs and they are unlimited and totally free.

3. Increase Connection & Set Job Alerts

Connection is also on upwork plays a role to find and win the job but linkedin in its a matter of making friend. It might be possible your friend wants to hire a person for job, and it can be of your interest. It is not necessay to make freinds who know each other. You should make freinds by the skills priortiy. A skill define you on linkedin. So the limit is 30,000 connection, try to send connection request with a profssional message note to get into eye. In this way you may find job of your interest. Remember whatever the skill is, keep itup & find connections more & more.


As a beginner, you will make a lot of mistakes, its a part of success, do not be worry. Make a profile and get connection as you can. Install application on your phone & keep in touch with your connected friends. Make 2nd & 3rd connection for finding new jobs. Add your professional photo & if you can pay then go for linkedin premium accounts which is costly.

Share it, it may help others.

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