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Would you be able to Prevent Depression?
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Are you feeling yourself in depression or someone has been indulging in depression for many years? There are multiple answers to depression treatment, some usually say that it is not possible to treat depression. Depression has many types but some experts claim that it is possible to treat the depression. The Much simple way to prevent depression is to focus on your goals.

There are multiple opinions, let us discuss it in 5 minutes.

How to remain happy

Humans have the same qualities by birth in the world like have the same number of body parts, one brain, and all the humans may be different in color but they have the same look, therefore likes, and dislikes vary from human to human. There are many ways to prevent depression. Depression happens when someone does not like or unable to control unwanted happenings, chemical reactions in the brain, and some inheritance in the body.   You cannot control the environment in which you are living but one thing that can be done is controlling the situation that is causing depression to you. You may be thinking about your past or future and keep worrying about happenings, there is the point you must control only by adding some new activities and hobbies in the life.

Avoid Depression to reattack

There may be some bad moments in your past life which have made you very sad and you are not able to forget about it so you need to bring some new ideas and activities in your life to prevent depression. Continuous thinking about some past thinking is so much worse for your health. Making exercise is the best way to control depression. Do not think about the past happenings and let it forget all.

There are many opinions about the depression cure but many doctors are not approached to the stage where they can control depression pr prevent the patient from such kind evil depression but some therapists used the technique called mindfulness-based cognitive therapy MBCT.

This therapy helps a patient to prevent the chain of thinking and change the style of your think, with the help of mindfulness, so that the patient may bring his thinking in the present moment. The other aim is to prevent patient from negative thinking which is not good at all for depression. There are some other therapists who focus on relationship of the patient and cure the patient based on the theory.

Other methods to reduce the depression is through medicine, changing lifestyle and diet nutrition where the ratio of life depression will reduce up to 25 % or greater than 25 %, thus scientist need to more focus to reduce the depression.

Share it, it may help others.
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