ClubHouse- First Voice-based Social Media App

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Businessman always looks for some new technology to boost their business so that the clubhouse is going to be much more useful in the future.

This app will be useful for sharing new ideas, and solving issues by listening rather than reading or watching, and one bad news for android users it is only launched for iPhone. Android users need to be patient to get benefits from this app as the application has been launched on the google lay store but is still in the testing phase. Any software is not available for the community unless it is being tested many times to get the interest and belief of its users. Keep waiting for android users, it will be launched soon.

What is a clubhouse and how does a clubhouse work?

It is a VOICE-BASED social media application where you can only interpret with a voice, not images, and video. You can share your voice note or send a voice note.

You can only use the voice feature if you have been followed by the other. When you signup this voice app then you are shown different interest like digital marketing, and many more out of which you must select some options to see your preferences, and future prediction is made based on your data. People can also invite you by inspiring your expertise and these all interest is named as room and you can join any room of your like and interest. This is the perfect application for businessmen, digital marketers, educators, YouTubers, and blogging.

Expect this many blogger to make mistakes which can also be discussed in this app

The audience of the Clubhouse is so diverse that all the influencers, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, customers, and users of the products, are all on the Clubhouse and it makes things easy to reach out to the people. It makes easy for different department whenever they are not interested in reading or watching especially podcast or people who cannot see or watch, this app is going to be much use for them.

Why club house is so popular?

Think about a room containing famous personalities like scientists, scholars, YouTubers, a politician with you where you can listen to all of them and ask you’re interesting question with anyone. You may be shocked to listen about this exciting news clubhouse is famous because of its unique property of voice-only messages.  You cannot join a club or room if the honor or admin does not allow you to make conversation with them. Another reason for popularity you can join any group and add many other people with the same interest. This app has become so famous because of the world’s top richest man Elon Musk who is also excited about its usage and wants to get more benefits from this app in the future.

Due to COVID-19, there are many obstacles that occurred in the life of a common person related to any department, therefore this app is going to be most beneficial for the users sitting at home and share their ideas about their issues. For example, a student of the college who is facing issues in his AI assignment, can share his assignment and can get many solutions from this app. Another example considers a digital marketer who wants to launch his own company but is unable to understand where to start.  No worries at all because the digital marketer can join any room to get more clear ideas of the business and future planning and tips about the business.

Privacy of Clubhouse

Is your audio data safe with Clubhouse? That depends on where it’s stored, how long it is stored for, and whether your voice ever gets cloned. Whenever new software is launched the most important form user side is all about privacy and it all depends on how and where the data is being stored. Clubhouse temporarily stores our voice data for security and safety purposes like terrorism and hate speech content, but this is not on the internet how much time the voice data will remain saved in the cloud of the clubhouse.

Final Words

People are used to texting like messenger, and sending images, and videos like WhatsApp but this is a different only voice sharing app so there may be a lot of research required for voice recognition in it. The clubhouse will make a fire in its uniqueness as it is only a single app where people can share only their voice over the internet in any section of the world.

By using this app, you can talk with any researcher, data scientist, teacher, YouTuber, or medical officer to get deep inside any new topic an issue. The clubhouse is collaborating with HackerOne to get more security for its users. Expect this Clubhouse to need more improvements and updates in the app to get more and more trust from the user. It will become more popular by the end of 2021 and will be installed on every phone when it will be launched on the android phone as well.

Share it, it may help others.