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Joanna Jast 08 Brain Rules: Why Students Are Unable to Focus on Studies
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Joanna Jast is a writer, entrepreneur, and self-appointed human nature expert who was a medical student and very depressed due to focus and lack of concentration. She could not find ways that students could improve concentration and focus with time.

Many students fail because of bad habits that pave the way for attention, focus, discipline, and self-motivation. From says that almost students’ 40% brains out of 100 can pursue studies that are distracting reasons like social media, phones, gaming, etc.

She wrote a book named “Laser-Sharp Focus” to help like-minded people who have gone far away like me. After a few years, Jast was able to find something that could encourage any student to go ahead and miracle their goals. She was fed up and decided to overcome the weakness she has and after a few years developed some techniques which might help you in robust ways.

What Is Focus & How Does It Work

First of all, we need to understand what is focus and how it works. You may listen to the words very commonly, attention, focus, and concentration – the three with one are drawing with a triangle shape. Our thinking goes to internal or external STIMULI – So the focus is to keep on yourself on STIMULI and concentration means to stay on particular work for a long time.

Different Weakness Levels

Focus is a process of three stages 1) Learn 2) Improve 3) Adapt. Although every person has different weakness levels the orientation of every problem ignites from one stage to another.

The very first assignment is to locate your weaknesses or weak points and also note down those that seem to be weak points, then remove them.

Specific Situation & Problems In Your System

Automatic attention is a word that means to let the attention to grounding drama and disturb yourself automatically. A normal human’s brain when attacked by intentional attention caused by to environment zone, body zone, and mind zone. The suggestion is to use a distraction log to see which type of zone is making you uncomfortable. So please write down the best $ and worst activities, and try to keep it up.

Lack Of Motivation

Reading books, extra-curricular activities, exercises, gym with a healthy diet, and yoga sessions are captivating companions for motivation but for some moments. Nobody can be motivated all the time because our emotions change every day like sadness, happiness, shock, etc. Therefore the most creative people lack of motivation to do something big in life. Practice combining intrinsic and extrinsic factors to stay consistent for achieving bigger in life.

Build A Peaceful Environment

If you can afford the create an environment that is helpful unconditionally and facilitates your focus with guaranteed envision. Unlike the surroundings that affect your physical appearance, the environment also plays a vital role in enhancing an established focus power. With arguments, noise around the room, and misconceptions in the relationship, they tend to lose the envisioned disasters that contribute zero to develop ahead.

Increase Your Cognitive Power

Most of the time our body parts are not fit i.e. our brain works very well but the body is facing any serious issues or injuries. Also, wearing simple cloth which depicts simplicity encourages the brain to not participate in useless activities, seriously a waste of time.

There can be other factors that decrease he focus level to zero like less room light, distorted chair, or sleepless, lack of exercise, and poor nutrition. Dozens of apps are ready to download that companion your daily routine, try out managing diet, sleep, and exercise, they impact focus fruitfully.

Mind Management

Unlike body management, the mind’s health is also important as it consists of many emotions at a time, so take care of it. These are emotions that play with your focus and what type of feeling you face the whole day. Set limited goals in a day and try to act upon them with discipline, make sure to break intervals in the workflow and many other meditations are to be in practice to manage the mind power.

Managing Energy & Not Time

Time is valuable money, invest it worthy, if is not cash, never comes back again for you – you also may have listened to it. Most people do have not ideas to save time, they waste time on unofficial or unimportant work. The energy level of a body does not remain the same i.e. lower with time to time, so invest the early time on tasks that are most value and important.

Be Practical

In today’s world where access to everything is very fast which means no idea where to start and where to stop all of them. So being a practical person needs to build a long-term system so you can easily get the targeted focus on it.

We should focus on building systems more than building habits or goals. That can support our habits and goals everything else will happen automatically.

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