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These Are Job Replacement Due To Artificial intelligence (AI)
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It’s just like poison when you think about AI if it is eating the jobs of people who had nothing other than it. No one can predict what type of job ends because of AI but also new opportunities would be there for them.

Artificial Intelligence changed the way how employees work in the market, according to research, almost 80% of Jobs are in low demand with the revolution of automation tasks including data entry clerks, administrative faculty, factory workers, and many others. The rise of Tools, ChatGPT & Google Bard has tremendously created easy ways for creative work in a short time.

Automated Factory Jobs

Automatic robots are increasingly replacing physically demanding jobs including painting, welding, painting, and expert in plumbing. On the contrary, these all are cover with the help of sensors, cameras, and machine learning algorithms navigating the factory’s traditional environment.

Automatic Quality Control System

The technology of image processing helped in a consistent manner where a camera with the help of a sensor can control the quality of any system. AI helps to analyze data to detect where the anomalies are there to fit in early preferences. Therefore, there will be a need for staff/experts to inspect manually but the labor cost will be low compared to not of AI.

Data Entry

It is a wise job where the relevant data is extracted from raw facts and figures which are very large in volume. The AI tools are developed in a way to extract a large amount of relevant data at a low cost with very few amount of time.

Administration Jobs With AI Apps

Administration in any company plays a captaincy role in flowing the work in competing the others through hiring excellent staff. Apps automatically recruit the documents of expert people for recruiting, hiring, and salary bargaining. It reduces the hard of hiring someone and also reduces the time spent to hire.


AI algorithms can analyze historical data, real-time traffic information, weather forecasts, and other factors to optimize delivery routes. By identifying the most efficient routes and scheduling deliveries based on traffic conditions and delivery windows, AI helps logistics companies reduce fuel consumption, minimize delivery times, and improve customer satisfaction.

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