Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Common Human Lives
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Artificial Intelligence is tremendously on almost every industry in a remarkable manner and unleashes new life replacing culture with new technologies.

Artificial intelligence is already designing and shaping our future in almost every aspect, like creating virtual shapes that do not even exist on Earth. Generative AI is revolutionizing news, image generation, technology, and making fake friends on the internet – such a horrible factor. It would not be a lie when thinking of advancement that helps a common human work to do fast with state-of-the-art accuracy. Here are some points where how artificial intelligence changes our lives.

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Impact On Personal Life

Everyone’s pocket has mobile devices for calling, and texting, and others use social media apps for communication with friends. However, AI assistance on mobile phones has made life much easier than humans think. You can get answers to your questions from SIRI, the revolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), and personal likes. For example, based on your interest it recommends you list of movies, songs, and news.

ChatGPT – an AI large language Model is also the subset of AI where anything you can ask from it to get the right information. It seems like a conversation between the two which means breaking down the barriers for opening the door for getting into the global world.

AI also has the ability to know about your interests on any social media platforms, likes and dislikes of video content on YouTube, and text content on websites. You can learn any skills on the internet on a daily basis which is another reward to AI<

Impact On Professional Life

There is no doubt that along with AI helping with much work replacing humans, it also offers many jobs for starting new careers. There are many new job opportunities in implementation, development, medicine, film industry, and finance.

It is often said on the internet that AI will eat all the jobs in the future, which means it has controlled office tasks from data entry to manufacturing. However, it does not look fruitful as the creativity of a common man would terminate if humans free up look like with zero strategies.

On the other hand, many algorithms are therefore data analysis and data visualization to take a look out deep inside for making data-driven decisions for improving efficiency. Just imagine AI is helping the customer feedback automatically to improve the overall selling performance of Shopify store while you are sleeping.

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