Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
How Google Bard Update Will Compete ChatGPT
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Almost all types of industry are curious to know bout chatgpt3 & chapgpt4, will it replace Google which is a giant search engine? You write any questions (text) and get a full detailed paragraph with bullets to know or learn about it, useful sometimes. In my opinion, ChatGPT is unable to replace Google.

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Google is a Giant Search Engine Using AI, NLP and NN (Neural Networsk) to make their audience happy. Does it means that ChatGPT fails to answer in images or coding? It has no power to take the answers from internet.

ChatGPT has a larga database from which they have trained the model that are very complex and answers the question with full naive cognative understaning.

10 Facts How Does Google Bard Work Differently With ChatGPT

  1. Quick Answers: It will be able to provide you with real-time pieces of information, which is free and fast. Like, How many companies have invested in Bitcoin in 2023?
  2. Google’s Plugins: It will provide your work fast done in seconds like Book An Appointment with the doctor or booking an Uber at 5 pm for me. Bard does not do the same.
  3. Helpful In Coding: It will be helpful for writing code in simple and easy ways like writing code for the game “TIK TAK TOE”.
  4. Quick Image Response: Google uses AI, which is super useful for creating AI images in one click. “Make an image of a girl buying flowers for his friend’s birthday.”
  5. Export Documents/Images/Others: Select chunks of paragraphs and also download them in any format like PDF or Word.
  6. Write a Website Article or Summary: You did not need to put any content writing AI toll for the title description. Enjoy Bard, write a heading, and get a free write-up for your websites.
  7. Drafts Generation: If you are not liking and then you can select multiple drafts for multiple reasons on your own.
  8. Voice Recognition: It is old but very useful where you can search on Google through speaking.
  9. SEO Friend: The most beneficial content is there for SEO experts/practitioners. It tends to check keyword research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO and speed optimization.
  10. Image Search Option: It is also old but very useful where you can put an image and search about its history.

Share it, it may help others.