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How Does It Take to Become Full Stack Web Developer
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For beginners, it is not easy as there are many different tools that are on trend and not easy to work with it. If you have the art of thinking then making logic with pure mathematics will be most helpful for you.

Whether you belong to the IT sector or not, web development is a strong career for the last few decades. You can make a habit of self-learn on the internet for learning tools that are helpful for it. For example, servers like XAMPP, CSS for designing web pages, and many more.

There are two types of people who spend time on technology and others who are busy making new technologies. Time has gone when the simple website becomes popular within a few days. But now full stack developers are more demanding jobs in the market.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Backend Web Development

Any skill you are working on for almost 6 months to learn. Remember practicing hard will be most efficient for developing your career. However, becoming a backend web developer is similar to full stack and you can learn it by following the steps

Basic Of HTML & CSS (One Month)

Learning basics from scratch and working with HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), and CSS (Casecase Styling Sheet) is not difficult. There are a lot of resources on internet websites (readable content), youtube (Watchable content) for learning. After learning it you are going to move on to advances for practicing website look. The more you practice the more you are an expert in making beautiful-looking websites.

Master Programming Language (2 Months)

There are a lot of programming languages to start with that vary in different aspects. For example, python, ruby, PHP, bubble, and javascript, you might confuse about which one to choose. Every Language has its own pros & cons and demanding jobs, comparison based upon complexity is not a vital decision. However, go inside the code for making smaller scripts that might be helpful for you in the future. Spend two months learning basic syntax of basics programming and OOP concepts like polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction, and encapsulation.

Make Small Codes (One Month)

In previous months you are coding in HTML, CSS, and any language. Now you do not stop here what to do at least just go with the flow. There are two ways to move ahead in the fourth month. One is looking at the code of other programmers and the second is coding yourself. The first way is very simple, you know understanding the problem takes 80% solution and saving it on GitHub. The Second is to develop your own code and then use it for your own purpose plus put it for any other project whenever you need it.

Do Mini Projects Of Websites (2 Months)

At this stage, you have become a professional web developer and it’s time to dive into some large river and start swimming. What is the meaning of swimming here – use all your smaller scripts of code in the project. It is possible you will be stuck in some problems like a logical error or syntax error or runtime error. However, joining online communities and use to with them, is a source to learn for free. Another way is to take help from professionals or many other resources available for you. Finally, you easily win projects on the freelancing platform, just go and sign up.

Share it, it may help others.
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