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How to Make Fulltime Career in Blogging:  monthly Income
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Talking about blogging it will be much helpful for teenagers to get rid of social media which distracts it is said by American Psychological Association

When someone talks to you about making money with a blog then only one thing that comes to mind is creative writing or content writing. No doubt it is all about content, but you can also make money using blogging and there are multiple sources of earning money from blogging. Expect this there are many other mistakes that every blogger makes at the beginning Who can do blogging and many other questions arise in mind? Anybody who does not like a 9 to 5 job, having no business thinking then you must have a mind of creative writing which is plus point that you can make money with blogging.

Blogging is not all about keeping on writing the content and publishing it on your website/blog, but you need to understand in-depth about it and you will recognize that it is a business where you can make a massive amount of money. To start, you need to invest in it for buying a domain and hosting. Domain refers to the name of the website while hosting is a place where you can place your website. Content marketing is equivalent to blogging as you keep writing the SEO optimized content and no doubt blogging is all about content which is also called as “King of content

There are many questions in the mind of new bloggers about creative writing, earning money from the website, initial things to know about blogging. You may have questions about how to make a successful blog. I have written so much about blogging but if you want to be a successful blogger then you need two things one is patient and consistency.

Hobbies are defined as activities which make feel you less tired relaxed in your spare time and many people love the hobby of writing content on some topic. The hobby of writing is too much juicy if the purpose is making money from blogging. Many experienced bloggers are earning a handsome amount of dollars but there are some people who have made blogging a full-time career for the future.

If you really want to be a successful blogger then you must start with the following points; these will be much helpful and useful for your blogging journey.

Select a Niche

Keep in mind that blogging is a big river where many writers are writing on anything with their creative thinking and knowledge out of which you need to select your own niche. Niche is defined as the specific topic on which different questions are generated through observation and this observation is called keywords analysis.  For example, cricket is a niche while “cricket match between team A and team B on 24th October 2022” is called a keyword.

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Blog Promotion

Writing the content is not enough, although writing good and effective content to impress your reader (audience) is key to the success of blogging for beginners. Keep writing good content is big expertise so the people will reach you later in the future. You need to create content for your readers to keep in touch with you. If you do this for a journey then your readers will impress you and will share your content with their friends. One thing to keep in mind that you need to make social share icons for sharing your content like on Facebook.

You can also share the content through Facebook ads where you can sell your services like Video course, notes etc.

Publish article Regularly

If you want to rank on Google search engine then you need to create content regularly, writing exciting blogs with the passage of time will help your blog to be viral on the internet. Writing interesting articles on your niche will be much fruitful for your blog ranking. If you do not post the articles on a regular base then there is a chance that your audience may follow other bloggers in turn the loss will be in your hand. As a new blogger, you may lose your potential and you need to boot your confidence to remind why have you started =

There are many other ways to get more traffic on your blog but the one which is super is to keep writing an exciting article on daily basis. Therefore, if you want to be a successful blogger 3rd point always keep in mind is to publish articles regularly.

Creative Writing VS Content Writing

Writing on some simple topic with much simple semantics is content writing but writing with full attention with the user in mind will be much helpful for your waiting to be creative. Writing with dignity and use intelligence to engage the user will be most helpful for getting more attention from the user. If you want email marking in your blog business then you need to create creative writing. The layout should be creative, the blog post should look interactive with high-quality text and visual content. You must offer something extra to your readers and google chrome extensions will help you a lot to learn more about blogging. Your blog should look creative in the first look for example it must have beautiful images and content as well. For a more beautiful look, you can hire a designer to design beautiful images full of creativity.

Work on multiple Niche

With the passage of time when you are writing content on your niche then you will need to move on to some other topic which is called variation. To be a successful blogger you need to work on multiple niches and working on one niche is not going to give you great success. In other words, if you want to be a successful blogger and see your own carrier in blogging then start working on multiple niches. For example, you can write on health along with blogging or SEO.

Final Words

Blogging is a bright future for you if you have stone guts of writing articles regularly, there are many other sources from which you can start earning, but blogging will be a better option for writing habits. A good blog will help you out to earn money within 3 to 6 months.

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